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Zach’s Wednesday Whinge

Zach’s Wednesday Whinge

Zachary is a complainer, a whingy-whinger whiner that doesn’t quit. If he owned a day of the week, it would be Wednesday, perfect for a ‘Whinge Wednesday’. He would whinge about the sky not being the right shade of blue or the fact that his socks don’t feel as cosy as they should. He’s a typical 7 year old and he loves dinosaurs, he’s a bit of a know-it-all, and he’s extremely stubborn. I LOVE it, he’ll be a FABULOUS grown up one day.

Whinge – To whine or complain in an annoying manner. Note that this is a REAL word, and that it’s different from all the idiots who posted “winge.” I’m shocked that “winge” was picked as a word of the day.
EG. “It was awful. All he did was whinge, the whole trip.” – Urban Dictionary


Zach was a bit peeved about a party that he couldn’t go to. Unfortunately, as I book things ahead and Beyoncé decided to play at Wembley, we had prior plans. Therefore, lil ol’ Zach, wasn’t able to go to the party. Apologies to all! He wasn’t best pleased, so we decided to compile all of his greatest grievances and turn them into a mini series called ‘Zach’s Wednesday Whinge’.

Kiki Blah-Blah will dedicate one Wednesday a month and post his greatest whinge. He can be as miserable as he likes, no holds barred, say what he wants without losing his xBox privileges for a week! Whinge away my son, get it all out then enjoy the day!


Zachary is planning to “Whinge” on a monthly basis, add us on Insta and you’ll get a little nudge when a new post is up!

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  1. Sadie

    Omg Zach is just the cutest! Admittedly we all love a good whinge now and again!

    • Sareta

      Haha, Thank you! And yes, I totally agree, everyone needs to let it all out 🙂


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