Wild Things

Wild Things

Fab kids clothing for the creatively whimsical types – that includes me! Imagine playing all day and reciting fairytales or your favourite childhood stories; with these clothes your kids would be appropriately dressed to reenact any of these.

Wild Things “ Imaginative clothes for girls & boys.

‘We’re Going On A Bear Hunt’, ‘Chicken Licken’ and ‘Fantastic Mr. Fox’ are favourites within our house and Wild Things’ collection certainly reminds me of these stories. Lovable characters are brought to life in the form of clothing and accessories which could be worn for fun or as a part of your child’s capsule collection; think festivals, think modern dress, think inspirational creative little people.

Wild Things clothing are beautifully created with attention to detail and bold coloured fabrics. UK based and designed from Kirsty Hartley’s home studio, then brought to life by her talented team – Maria, maker, seamstress extraordinaire and Rachel
maker, detail seamstress. From tiny crowns and capes to personalised puppet theatres and rainbow teepees, there’s definitely something in store that would suit your budget and capture your little ones minds and spirits. 

I can only imagine how much fun it would be to create something so purposely majestic and free. I have a degree in Fashion Design and Technology myself, but my fancy-dress-making-efforts have been somewhat questionable. A sheep with wonky ears, a star which made my son look like an extra from a Missy Elliott video, and the Dinosaur t-shirt I have yet to finish (6 months later). These things aren’t easy! Kids can learn and play for hours – creative minds need inspiration, and Wild Things clothing is bursting with little seeds to encourage and nurture these future leaders.

I’m an advocate for small businesses as I’ve had one in the past, and I’m currently in the process of reopening and rebranding my own – exciting stuff! I saw a quote the other day that explained perfectly why you too should support: “The profit from that print your purchased from a small business won’t go towards a fat cat’s bonus; it’ll provide ballet shoes for the daughter of that vendor”. And it’s true, real people are making a living, and money goes back into communities and helps to fund great projects. By ‘great projects’ I mean handmade crafts, bespoke, individually designed beautiful creations, not copied, not created in a sweatshop, not mass produced. I love the fact that Wild Things is proud member of the Trade Organisation ‘ACID’ (Anti Copying in Design) – designers, creators, artisans…we need to stick together!

Clothing, accessories and playthings range from £8-£201, see more at Wild Things.

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