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My latest Facebook status has inspired me to answer this question once and for all.

Honestly! Are you funding my holidays? Buying my house(s) for me? Paying for my private healthcare, my laser treatment and yearly spa subscription?

If the answer is no, kindly stop asking. Because I don’t question you regularly about living how you want.

This question is asked at least twice a week, by friends and family, colleagues, dogs, cats, everyone.


I in fact praise people who are happy with very little, or nothing at all, because they are the real MVP’s, the people who have unlocked life at the best level. But I’m not one of those people. I want to travel, experience as many different things in life as possible and own a beautiful home. Whether you like it or not, those things don’t come cheap.

I’m not one of the lucky people who had parents that paid their mortgage deposit for them, or who still give them money as grown adults (the latter makes me cringe). Everything I own I worked hard for myself.

The idea of retiring at 71 makes me want to hurl, and I’d rather put in the work now to avoid having to work later in life. I’ve also been exposed to different ways of living that a lot of people my age or in my area haven’t. And I want that life.

I work at least six, sometimes seven days a week, and it’s not because I like money. In fact I couldn’t care less about money. I just like having control of my life, whether that means waking up today and deciding to fly to Bali tomorrow, or walking into a shop and buying something that would make my friends or family happy, without worrying about the cost. I don’t like the way money controls people and prevents me from doing things. I want to reach a stage where I don’t have to worry about money.

I guess that is the spoilt me coming out. Being fortunate enough to still live at home with my mother, I’m in the position to live a lifestyle that many can’t (see previous post) and I don’t see why I have to change that lifestyle when I move out and have bills to pay. So yes I will work seven days a week if I have to, in two jobs that I LOVE. Again I understand that that working in a job that you love is a fortunate position to be in.

Lastly, my mentor; a lovely woman who has the lifestyle that I am aiming for, sent me this.

work so much





Has that answered your question?

Lizzy shares her lifestyle and opinions whilst travelling around the world.
Not only is she a young, career-focused professional, she’s a Starbucks and Zara enthusiast.
She’d like to settle down and have kids, but all in good time.


  1. Tanya

    This is it entirely, as long as you’re happy and not affecting your health then what’s the issue?

    • Aidan

      I am not actually sure! It can make other people feel uncomfortable I guess, but that’s not your issue! When somebody is working and loving what they do, it sometimes causes other people to second guess themselves; and that can be extremely uncomfortable.

      As a matter of interest Tanya, was it to you that I posted my healthy hot drinks samples? I know I sent them to the address of one of the bloggers on this site and thought it would be fun to get you guys sampling 😉

  2. Lizzy

    My dear, some people will just never understand! And it’s fine – I’ve accepted that now!

  3. Aidan

    I feel I have personally connected this year with what you have written above. I get it, and I completely agree. Financial freedom is not about the love of money; but rather the ability to be able to do the great things in life that you and those you love deserve. Additionally, I am not entirely sure I would have used the word Spoilt. You make it sound like food that has been neglected for weeks, that is beginning to smell. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a person having that professional focus, so long as other areas of life are not neglected. Health is a very important one, but if your website content is anything to go by, I think you have that one very well covered.

    I am always working, it’s just that my hours are completely unorthodox. Because I run my own business, and given the nature of the product (healthy coffee), it never stops. I can take my cat down to the vet, come back, pick up groceries for dinner, zone in on the core aspects of work I need to focus on, do them well while my 3 cats are play-fighting on my computer desk. It’s work, but I love it. It is when you can define and create your own work template that you are in control of your day. You know you are taking those essential steps to reach the goals you have set for yourself. Sometimes I don’t really hit the core of my work day until 10:30 at night. It depends entirely on the day, but work can flow around my life and so I am often working. I tend to stop doing what I am doing when I feel I am trying to make myself feel busy. That’s when it’s time to go to the vets (for my cats).

    I have set myself a five year goal, and while I doubt I will stop working by 42, I probably could.

    • Lizzy

      Hi Aidan!

      I just wanted to say I really admire your work rate, especially that you’re following your passion and you love what you do! (And the cats sound very entertaining!) I guess I might not be “spoilt” like I think, I feel like it’s been drummed into my head over time by people who always want to make excuses as to why I can live the way I do (it’s because you’re living at home, you don’t know struggle, ect).. the fact that you could retire if you wanted to at 42 is amazing! I’d love to be in that position one day! I wish you all the best!



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