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I was inspired to write this post after my colleague commented on the fact that I have both an iPhone 6+* and an iPod, both white, looking like mother and baby. But I need them both. Honestly.

I definitely was not this person last year. Back then I wouldn’t dream of spending more than three quid on a Tesco meal deal for my lunch, and H&M was my best friend. Zara was a treat and anything over £35 spent at a restaurant was classed as “ridiculous.”

But an unexpected change in job and an enthusiastic baptism in to the world of the city and it’s corporate surroundings has lead to a new found life, and it came out of nowhere.

Was it when I started ordering tall soy Caramel Macchiatos in Starbucks? Paid for with a smile and a little bit of guilt about funding a tax avoiding company. I mean it’s not as if there isn’t a FREE coffee machine at work providing about 10 different varieties of coffee based drinks. Or was it when I discovered smoked salmon, spinach and egg Leon muffins for breakfast or having sushi from Itsu for lunch? **

Can I just say right now how overjoyed I am to hear that Leon has opened a restaurant right outside my office? Joy. Joy To The World.

Sushi Samba or Madison is standard living now. What is a Wetherspoons? I can’t deal anymore, not in my nice heels! Speaking of shoes, M&S is NOT for grandmas like I once thought. They do VERY comfortable work heels, and their suit dresses fit you perfectly.

The old me is shaking my head in despair at the amount of money I spend on things I now see as normal. Going to Circus restaurant tomorrow for a close friend’s birthday, and spending more money in one night than I used to earn in a week working in Topshop aged 18. KILL ME NOW.

Did I mention that I can genuinely drink wine without having to pretend that it’s tasty? I do the taste test with the bartender and everything, swirl it around before the sip, and holding the stem with my two fingers. When did I become this person?

We all know about calculating how many hours worth of sleep you’d get if you “went out for one”. Coffee is the answer tomorrow morning anyway. Plus concealer under those eye bags. Chanel bags. Oh and that Clinique eye bag cream. By the way not impressed that they’ve thinned out the consistency! Leaving them a bad review on makeupalley, that’s for sure.

I’m aware that I have many, many first world problems and a lot of you probably despise me as you are reading this. I must have bored my colleagues to death this entire week by agonising over the impossible decision between buying winter boots and work heels. I bought both. Obviously. And I’ve spent my Friday night deciding which out of three countries to travel to next month. But I won’t do all three. I promise.

But I guess I’m only a young adult once, and before those kids come I need to enjoy being financially free. Well apart from that phone bill and expensive gym membership*** that is. YOLO baby!

*Yes it’s a SIX PLUS, yes I’m aware that it’s huge you don’t need to point it out, and I bought it because I wanted both an iPad and a new phone and well, this is how a compromise works. Considering the person that I am would should have bought both, I’m proud of my compromise 🙂

**Only Sushi from Itsu will do. NOT Wasabi. It’s just not good enough.

*** Pfft.. Like I don’t have access to a free gym at work. Let me hang my head in financial shame.

Lizzy shares her lifestyle and opinions whilst travelling around the world.
Not only is she a young, career-focused professional, she’s a Starbucks and Zara enthusiast.
She’d like to settle down and have kids, but all in good time.

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  1. Teddy

    Dear Lizzy,
    Welcome to the world of Starbucks loving, Itsu lunching and never enough hills owing sisterhood. You are so worth it and you deserve it.
    And yes 6plus is big, but this is your office away from the office, you e-book, your phone and your class booking tool in one….and of course the IPod, how can anyone live without it?
    Hmmm and what did you say about the wine…🍷I raise a glass for you… Chin chin
    Love sister Teddy



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