Visage silicone facial cleanser

Visage silicone facial cleanser

Visage Facial Cleansing System- “Surely this is just a glorified play-toy, seriously – why would you need something buzzing across your face? What is that even going to achieve?”

Indeed, that was my first impression upon holding this pink…silicone…thing that lay buzzing away in my hands, yet facial cleansing gadgets, masks, foamy dooberries that make your face look like clouds, hell even giant sized oral B toothbrushes are the rage on social media right now. Me personally? Never used a single one.

I was that teen who never washed her face, I woke with consistent panda eyes – good thing I was a Goth right? – I just never bothered as I somehow had been miraculously blessed with blemish free skin throughout my teens. A part of me believed that my sheer ignorance was the reason it used to be so flawless…

More so dumb luck.

As my 20’s neared their end I began with the reddened ‘Always Coca-Cola’ Santa cheeks, dry patches took over my T zone and cheeks and an oily forehead with matching chin emerged – how could my skin become so drastically different?

Stupid hormones.

Visage silicone facial cleanser
Visage silicone facial cleanser

It was only in the run up to my wedding day that I began looking into face care as the make-up artist had a little issue with foundation adhering to my snake like skin. Oils have since then become my best friend, and every night I let my face soak up some facial oil because dayummmm it needs it. Obviously when the husband turns over he’s greeted with a wife who looks like she’s been thrown into a deep fat fryer – but hey it works, roll with it babe, if you want me to be looking fly? Let me prep and season this skin like a butter basted chicken.

But I did need a cleanser, my pores were becoming greatly exaggerated after these oils lay atop them and quite frankly I couldn’t afford the £170 dolla dolla bills wanted for the lusted after official Silicone facial cleanser on the market right now.

£10 however? I can just about manage.

Yep! Aldi back at it again with the Visage silicone facial cleanser for literally £9.99 – price correct as of 01/07/2017 – also note this is a special buy, and was situated in the beauty section (not those baskets that everyone trashes) oh also of course, me being me, I had to grab the pink version. This comes in teal and grey colour ways too for anyone not feeling so unicorn-y…

So, the box includes the machine itself, batteries, (woo) and an instruction booklet with guarantee. The instructions are pretty basic, I’ll admit that but I do find most products from Aldi are, and it isn’t a very complex product to work.

So I nabbed my soap free moisturising face wash and set to work, simply holding down the button for a few seconds switched the unit on – there are a fair few different vibration options available on this unit which can be cycled through by pressing the centre button, and the intensity increased or decreased with the buttons situated either above or below the power button. However I’ve used just the bog standard consistent vibration setting and let the machine do its thang.

I’ll admit I was so sceptical, SOOOOO sceptical after all – ‘It’s a glorified vibrator’ – 6/7 people popped up with on my snap when I showcased it, but you know what? It works SO WELL.

I sat in that tub and rubbed my face all like “daaamn my face is smoother than my babies backside” in fact I was *that* impressed I actually got out (No one takes Zara out of the bathtub) to show the husband to be met with an impressed ‘hmmmmmm’ to ooze from his vocal chords. Since then, I’ve used this gadget about 6 times and each time the same fabulous results emerge. Unfortunately I can’t put it in comparison to its more well-known

sibling (maybe distant cousin) purely because it costs way too much for me as of this moment. But for a budget buy cleanser?


If you see one you should totally get one, seriously!

Why are you still reading this? GO (unless it’s closed…then go camp outside, go on!)

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  1. Sareta

    This looks like something that I use! Some kind of silicone scrubby thing. I honestly don’t know what it’s meant to do, but from the sound of your post it sounds good! Maybe I’ll invest on a motorised version like this Visage version x

  2. Julia

    10 quid??? Gotta love Aldi…and I have snakeskin too, so will be checking out some oil options. 🙂 X

    • Sareta

      Exactly what I thought!


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