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Valentine’s Day Lovebirds

Valentine’s Day Lovebirds

Valentine’s Day is only around the corner, this Sunday 14th to be precise! Whilst I don’t really celebrate V Day  wholeheartedly, I do like to do something out of the ordinary, and by that I mean something that we don’t do every weekend. This year we’re having a ‘Valentine’s Family Day’, which means we’re all spending the day together doing something fun and if anyone wants to exchange cards or gifts the rules state that they must be handmade.

That’s my inspo for this arty activities post: handmade Lovebirds. You can hand them to your beau or bae with a handwritten message or box of chocolates.

What you’ll need:

Black marker
Red marker
Yellow card
Purple feathers
Green feathers
Yellow pipe cleaners
Green pipe cleaners

Instructions (for a pair of Lovebirds):

Cut out two small semi-circles and four hearts using scissors and yellow card, lay your pair side by side and keep your semi-circles to one side. Cut a yellow pipe cleaner in half and bend creating your Lovebird’s legs and feet, place on your hearts along with purple feathers as pictured. You’ll also need to cut a green pipe cleaner to your desired length. This will be used to create a neck, so it doesn’t need to be very long!

Fold your semi-circles in half and draw on your beak and eyes – if you intend your recipient to look at both sides then remember to draw on the back. As I made mine into little love notes, I wrote my message first, this maybe easier as once everything is stuck together, you won’t have a flat surface to write on. Place a green feather in the top of your Lovebird’s head, this will be taped down in the next step.

Use your double sided tape to stick down everything, place the tape underneath your pipe cleaner and feather ends – fold your semi-circle heads sandwiching the pipe cleaner and feather headdress. Place more tape in the middle and place your unused heart on top. Secure in place making sure everything is stuck down, you don’t want your handcrafted Lovebird falling apart!


Give to your loved one and wait for the smile… HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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