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Valentine’s Day – How we make it work

Valentine’s Day – How we make it work

When it comes to this occasion day the hubster and I aren’t ones for going crazy, I think the first year we were together we went out to a restaurant which was a really horrible experience. Food was crap, the atmosphere was loud and hardly romantic and I’d squished my feet into some fancy shoes only to have them shredded by the time we’d arrived at our destination. After that, we decided to always stay in and splash out on a home cooked meal.

I always thought Valentine’s Day would fall by the wayside once I had kids and to be honest our first year as parents I don’t think we did anything. Bear had only been earthside for about 3 weeks and we were still getting to grips with having a baby. We may have got each other a card but there was definitely nothing fancy.

But over the years I’ve realised that sometimes these special occasion days can be very helpful in forcing ( for want of a better word) myself and the hubster to slow down and plan a special evening for just the two of us. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine of eating dinner, putting the children to bed and slumping in front of the telly, and up until recently Bear wouldn’t go a night without waking nearly every two hours so we were always aware that our alone time was limited and would most likely involve interruptions, which meant not much energy was put into our nights on the sofa. It’s also hard to organise nights out when you don’t have the luxury of family who live close  by or babysitters that can handle a toddler waking so frequently, especially as Bear was still breastfeeding in the night until I night weaned a year ago (unfortunately it’s hard to come by a wet nurse these days).

Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day

Now hubster commutes and we have a new baby, that alone time we deemed so precious before is even less likely to happen, at least for a few years. So what do we do?

Well nothing much actually, it’s still a fancy meal at home but we’ll wait till Bear is asleep, thankfully Ping Pong is already a much better sleeper than Bear ever was so he’ll either be asleep or chilling out in his basket. We’ll crack open a nice bottle of red, light some candles, we may watch a film but we will sit together instead of slumped at opposite ends of the sofa preoccupied with  the strains of work, children or chores.  In this evening we will remind ourselves that we are more than just our children and if this day only comes once a year then so be it, but it will keep the fire burning just enough to make it to the next one.

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