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It’s been on my list for a while, and to be honest I’m getting a bit bored of the plain white vests you get for boys. Not only do they end up that weird kind of dirty grey, but the boys “forget” to put them on. Yeah, “forget”.

As the weather is getting warmer, their tops come off and expose the ugly dirty looking undergarments, so why not jazz em up, give them a reason to want to wear them. Seeing as they created them themselves, I hope they’ll wear them with pride!

What we used:

Dylon hand dyes (Red Tulip, Goldfish Orange, Sunflower Yellow, Tropical Green & Ocean Blue)
Dylon washing machine dye (Bahama Blue Ziggy’s vest above & Half of Zachary’s top below. Amazon Green Dylans T-shirt below and half of Zachary’s vest)
White 100% t-shirts & vests
Parcel string
Table Salt


How we did it:

Washed our white T-shirts and vests and left them damp. Using parcel string we tightly wrapped the clothing and used different methods, Zachary (middle kid) just wanted to scrunch and wrap up. He didn’t wrap that tightly, but we’ll discuss that later. We twisted and wrapped different sections and chucked them in the washing machine along with the dye and salt.


#TieDye kids activity

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After a standard 40 degree wash, we unravelled our tops to see all the pretty masculine swirls and patterns. I was actually quite impressed/ jealous, Ziggy’s little vests (light blue and white) looked awesome! However, as previously mentioned, Zachary’s string had unravelled, leaving a plain blue vest. He didn’t listen and didn’t want advice, so his results were upsetting. I’m not completely cold hearted, so we experimented with bleach to try and salvage the lack of creativeness.

We took his plain tops and pinched in the middle and twirled the fabric, creating a pinwheel shape. Zachary carefully added bleach, slowly dripping back and forth. We waited, patiently whilst he brushed his teeth, so a good 4 minutes later we unravelled, and yes, we salvaged, it looked great! He was an apologetic happy little curly head.




We experimented some more with rainbow hand dyes, (followed the instructions on the pack), again twirling and scrunching and the results were amazing, until I forgot to rinse and just washed them in the washing machine. Don’t do that. Seriously don’t.




We ended up with major colour run, BUT I am the salvage queen! We cut up the bottom, added some beads, and they’re cool summer tops for my little cousin… hope she likes em 🙂




So, lesson learnt for everyone. You must listen little curly head, Mummy shouldn’t rush and mistakes can always be salvaged.



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