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Ziggy loves colour and paint, however I’m a bit of a neat freak when it comes to paint on carpet, the sofa, the cat etc. So this activity was naturally going to be a favourite of mine. Squishy window art is so great! It took all of 5 minutes to create and Ziggy had fun before nap time. A fab way to explore colour and paint without the mess.

squishy-window-art1What we used:

Zip- Lock Bags
Clear Glue
Clever Tape (Scotch Tape)



*Newspaper or some plastic sheeting may be advisable for over enthusiastic babies & Kids… Just incase they rip the bag!



How we did it:

Fill each bag with your chosen paint, making sure you secure the zip-lock whilst flattening out the bag. You need to make sure you have as little air as possible- you don’t want your little one popping paint filled pockets everywhere! We used purple chunky glitter mixed with clear glue in one, that worked extremely well as all the light from the window made it all sparkle. Tape your closed bags to your window, making sure all the sides are taped, including the zip-lock part.

*Do keep a close eye, just incase nosy inquisitive little fingers try to peel off the tape 🙂


Kiki Blah – Blah kids activity! So quick, so easy. It’s a great one for rainy days 😊🌈☔️

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Have fun!





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