MAC Mineralize Skinfinish/ Skinfinish Natural Products

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish/ Skinfinish Natural Products

When it comes to what we slap on our face, we all have our own preferences. Oh and obviously skin types to take into consideration y’know? And my personal preference is powder.

I have skin that gets flaky, so flaky that head and shoulders would be very interested in sponsoring my face over my scalp – but with the right skincare (which I think I’ve almost got nailed) I’m slowly managing to nail that perfect base, Oh and that beat face too…


So, I had been gifted some wonderful MAC products to try out from our beautiful Sareta to try on this mush o’mine.

To try I have the ‘mineralize skinfinish natural’ in shades ‘light/medium’ and ‘medium/dark’ and a skinfinish in ‘Gold Spill’

Now I’ll start off by saying that I have never used a MAC product in my life until now. But we all know it’s the IT brand when it comes to make-up. I recently visited the Birmingham store within Grand Central with my widdle iddy bitty sister (she’s getting married, and she wanted a decent foundation to last on her wedding day) and I was literally amazed at the buzz in store. I’m not used to these types of stores – after all I’m mostly a drugstore make-up person, but I was astounded at the hype felt in store, and more so the attention to detail and wanting, willing to teach from the make-up artists that floated around the store. So whilst this MUA got to work on my sister I stood and watched for any new tips I could take away from his magic hands – “Pat the skinfinish powder on areas you may find are greasier to make create a more matte look, it’ll last much longer setting it this way too” was the main one I took away as I watched my sisters complexion look really polished by the end of her quick informative session.

skinfinish MAC
skinfinish MAC

So I did exactly that, and I have to say I’m really impressed! Using the ‘Light/Medium’ powder to set my foundation on my bad areas like my nose and forehead has really helped it last longer throughout the day (I always end up blowing my nose not long after doing my make-up and taking it off, d’oh) this has prevented too much make up shifting from my said dribbly schnozz and giving me a better colour in this prominent area. The ‘medium/dark’ is obviously suited to the darker skin shades, but also works nicely as a bronzer for me – it takes some building but it really is a nice product overall and would be perfect for anyone beginning/starting off in the bronzing game! But my favourite has to be the ‘Gold Spill’ compact. LOOK AT IT, IT LOOKS LIKE JUPITER, IT LOOKS MAGICAL, IT IS BEAUTIFUL. It’s also an AMAZING bronzer, it blends like a complete dream and gives –for me- the right amount of product each time to build myself some cheekbones. Because I own none. I am the British version of Hey Arnold! – move it football head! For my first dabbles into the world of MAC, I’m insanely impressed. Price wise at £24.50 it’s probably a splurge for me, but I’ll admit the compact size is bladdy HUGE so whilst I will admit it’s worth the money, it’s also money I struggle to have often! (Damn those strings of mine!!) Also, if I get treated the way I did on my first visit, I’ll definitely consider going back sometime soon! – I’ll be looking at heading back sometime in the future for the recycling scheme they have in place (6 empties for a lipstick) So keep a lookout for that! But not too soon, these guys are going to last me forever!

Ta rah a bit,

Zara x

*Note: Gold Deposit is no longer available in the UK, ‘Gold Deposit’ is the closest product.

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