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There are days when Ziggy and I just want to walk around town and grab some treats and a latte. Our usual hang out is Costa Coffee, its’s warm, their sofas are snuggly and their high chairs are usually clean. THANK YOU COSTA!


Most recently we’ve branched out. We’ve gone to places for breakfast & lunch and their high chair cleanliness have been somewhat questionable. Don’t get me wrong, I could mildly understand a high chair being a bit dirty at the end of a busy day. But if we’re there bright and early after the morning school run, where is this grubby mess from? *Reaches for Dettol wipes*.

YEP- I carry Dettol wipes for such occasions along with nappy time. Don’t get me started on changing facilities 🙁 I refuse to use them now. We’ve perfected the “standing up on the floor whilst I change your nappy” stance. It’s long winded, but we’re not catching poo-poo germs!

If and when you clean tables and chairs, why can’t that level of care be extended to high chairs? They’re probably used less than the adult chairs, so germs have longer to fester… cry. I just don’t get it, seriously, WHY can’t you clean your high chairs?

Yes, high chairs have little nooks and crannies, the buckles are annoying to clean, but it’s not difficult! Get out your bleach and start scrubbing, soak those straps, they’re the worst offenders.

I’d love to do one of those litmus paper tests and log what bacteria was found, maybe then these places would clean up their act! “Grrrrr”.

*Note- Ziggy’s crying because his gingerbread goodness was finished, not because his chair was dirty.

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