When Two Become One – Separation

When Two Become One – Separation

When I was slow dancing to that Spice Girls classic at the end of a school disco,* I didn’t expect it to be the title of an article about my separation. But it is. After ten years together and approaching seven years of marriage, me and TJ’s dad have decided to stop right now and go our separate ways.

It’s not been an easy decision, of course. We’ve had a lot to consider including TJ, finances, where we would both live and, somewhere on that list, was the emotions that would inevitably come along with it all. But, I think we both realise that viva forever this isn’t and it’s best for us to say we will be there as friends, co-parents and partners in crime if nothing else.

After much fussing over selling our house, flat hunting, mortgages and money, it’s finally happening as places are picked and solicitors are doing their thing. I’m moving back home to Hampshire as I wannabe near my family and the craziest of my friends. TJ’s dad is staying in Surrey to be near his support network too.

The little man who calls me mama (every five seconds) will split his week and alternate weekends between us two. This will hopefully provide a good balance for both of us adults as we find our feet back in singledom. Without any doubt, the thought of not seeing TJ every day completely breaks me apart and I’ve still not been able to properly talk about it in real life yet. But I’m hoping that our days apart will develop his relationship with his dad and give me time to find out who I think I am again. And to do some housework. Maybe.
So it’s goodbye my friend to the man I met whilst standing on a chair showing off my bum in a bar in East London. On to a new chapter for all three of us to spice up our lives where it’s been lacking. But I’ll still be here whenever you holler.
*Disclaimer – This didn’t actually happen as I was not a cool kid in school.
Also, I’ve referenced ten Spice Girls songs here. You’re welcome.
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Jude is a 30-something mum-of-one who charts her adventures as a single parent while juggling her kid with a career. There’s no sugar-coating the truth with Jude – she tells it as she sees it, hears it, lives it and experiences it. But, this isn’t a how-to guide to parenting – sometimes, it’s quite the opposite! Jude isn’t ashamed to admit to her own flaws whether that’s in raising her son or navigating the ups and downs of relationships. She hopes to show other parents out there – single or otherwise – that they are not alone with the tantrums, tears and all that goes with it. But, above all, Jude wants to show what a fabulous experience parenting is – for just when we all need that reminder of why we signed up to the mum/dad role in the first place!


  1. Sareta

    Lovely post Jude, thank you for sharing. Whilst it’s sad news that you and the other half are no longer together, I’m sure the next chapter of your life will be an exciting one x

  2. ZaraLouU

    Onwards, upwards and stronger – whilst it’s a somewhat sad time, this will be an experience that will become part of the patchwork that makes your family story – it’s going to still be a beautiful one regardless.

    Also the inner young spice girl fan squee’d each time you referenced a title lol

    Much love and luck gorgeous



  3. Anonymous

    It’s so amazing that you have the courage to write this…like SO amazing. Stay strong. X X X


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