Zach’s Wednesday Whinge – School Report

Zach’s Wednesday Whinge – School Report

Schools out for the summer so that must mean it’s also school report time! EEK! We’ve seen a lot of proud mamas and papas sharing their kids grades on social media and that’s GREAT! But what about the wee ones who didn’t do so well? OR the ones that took it all far too seriously and are beating themselves up about B’s? This month Zachary reflects on just that, He did fab in class and got great grades for his work. However, yes, wait for it… there is a but…

School Report/ Report Card – The source of all nightmares for kids, generally containing mostly C’s when the student has promised his parents good marks.
“Timmy, how did you do,” Asked the mother curiously.
“Oh…right… Remember how how you told me you loved me yesterday, before these report cards existed…?” – Urban Dictionary


Zach was a bit upset with himself this year when it was time for school reports, or as our US cousins would say, report card! In his second Vlog post he explains what went wrong and how he can make it all better… lets see if he listens to his own advice. After all, he’s recorded and documented it all, there’s no forgetting it all now, maybe he can re-watch his own video daily as motivation for the year ahead (haha).


Kiki Blah-Blah will dedicate one Wednesday a month and post Zach’s greatest whinge. He can be as miserable as he likes, no holds barred! He can say what he wants without losing his xBox privileges for a week. Whinge away,  and get it all out then enjoy the day!


Big shout out to Wire & Honey- his “STAND UP FOR BULLYING” is his new favourite tee!

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  1. Rachel

    OMG! I love these Wednesday whinges!!! Kids talk such NONSENSE!!!!!

  2. Felicia

    I remember one time I received two C’s on my report card when I was a kid. My mom asked me how was my day and I broke down crying before even answering! Haha, we definitely are hard on ourselves.

  3. Colleen, O'Neil Events

    This is awesome! I coach and I always find if my players can find the solution themselves, they will remember and learn for the future!

  4. Sareta

    Definitely didn’t need to be so hard on yourself Zach! Your grades were good, just remember to share your fantastic ideas 😊

  5. nahdia

    Oh my goodness. I lOVE him, his character is amazing. Of course you don’t need everyone stealing your answers kid lol


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