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My take on a run in with two obnoxious kids, Dylan, Zachary and Ziggy helped me explain!

Obnoxious Kids – “Annoying, irritating, bratty, ass-holey kids. I hate them, yes hate is a strong word, and yes it might be down to crappy parenting, but it could just be that kids has an increased amount of the asshole gene. It’s cool, i understand, just stay outta my way!” – Sareta

Kids, you’re supposed to love them unconditionally, they’re innocent, gods children… blah, blah, blah! Whatever. I am a firm believer that horrible people don’t just wake up as adults and decide to be mean. They’re born that way surely? If you’re a mean spirited, obnoxious person, then surely you were a mean spirited asshole of a child. There I said it. I admit, it may not be the most PC thing to say… PC, is there a politically correct way of calling a kid the C word? I dunno, well anyway, take a look at my vid to get the full story on this one.




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  1. Dylan Fontaine

    I like the new video mum! Its pretty cool that me, Zach and Ziggy are in it!

    Dylan fontaine


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