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NEW LOOK super matte liquid lipstick

NEW LOOK super matte liquid lipstick

“You ever dream of the days where you can walk into a shop, buy your entire Saturday night outfit AND grab make up for it too? In the same shop? ALL. IN. THE. SAME. SHOP? Well a new era of high street seems to be changing all that…”

So it now seems gone are the days where clothes shops merely sold clothes and chemists and boutiques sold make up (And of course ibuprofen for those hangovers after that Saturday night). But it seems our UK high street clothing stores are stepping up their game and joining in on the make-up scene right now, and of course it’s a tactical move – they want us shopping in their store, spending all our dollar dollar bills (run with it, I know its imperial here) under one roof and gaining customer loyalty from us all – But with the rapid popularity in cosmetics and fashion going hand in hand lately can we blame them for wanting to monopolise on this? (Is it evident I worked in retail for so long?)

Oh and of course especially if the products are good?

Hell nawh!

Whilst personally I’m very aware at the gains/profits these stores may reap upon opening up these lines, despite the whole ‘It’s customer convenience, we’re making it easier for you’ jargon they will spin – if they can churn out products that are as good as other and far more popular lines yet costing less and meaning I don’t have to run around my dreaded FAR TOO BUSY FOR MY BRAIN TO COMPUTE CITY CENTRE then have my cash. Take it all, and my soul too…no wait.

So in steps New Look and I’ll gladly admit I have a soft spot for New Look. I’ve always championed their clothing, price wise and most times cut/fit wise too – for me they just get it much better than most retailers, so when they stump up with a cosmetics range?

Lemmie go grab my popcorn and watch this roll out…

NEW LOOK super matte liquid lipstick
NEW LOOK super matte liquid lipstick

When I first purchased some New Look make-up goodies, I nabbed a few nail polishes and a matte crayon. It was actually my first step into the world of matte lips because I recall being amazed at the price, and then my dear Sareta flew a tweet my way mere days ago:

“Paging ZaraLouU…” she began, then ended it with a gorgeous picture of…MATTE LIPSTICKS

Be still my beating heart – Seriously, I adore Matte lips. And now I also had to somehow convince the other half that I needed just one more (that’s always going to be a lie) lipstick. Somehow it worked! and I ended up picking this little ditty in shade ‘Blackcurrant’ because I’m now an addict and a sucker for a purple lip and amazingly this beaut was only £5.99! (price correct as of 01/05/2017) it’s not to be sniffed at!

First off – the packaging is niiiiiiice, frosted glass, a super neat print that isn’t tacky in any way and a rose gold lid. New Look couldn’t have gotten any better here – they researched well. The wand? It’s fabulous to use. Soft, and easy to apply the lipstick, it isn’t too rigid – It’s flexible enough to follow the lip contour well and has a good length too. This shade in particular is PIGMENTED, I only needed one coat to get a full coverage atop my lips which was great! And, with zero streaking! It did take a while longer to dry than I’m used to which did make me think originally that the formulation was

sticky, but after about 10 minutes it did in-fact settle really well – with no stickiness upon pressing the lips together.

My only negative side is the wand can carry a little too much product, it isn’t excessive but I do find myself scraping a smidge of it off – too much of this stuff can easily turn into the Joker on a good day. Why so serious?

New Look, I need more of your little trinkets, In-fact I retract that…

I need everything, every single piece of your range, oh and I’ll throw in some clothing too.

I think I found my new make-up stop (see you there!)

Catch you later beauts!



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Zara loves all things makeup and beauty. When she’s not drooling over makeup stalls and things that she cannot afford, she’s usually slummy mummy-ing around with her two kids (and her big kid husband). She also spends her days abusing most Snapchat filters, admittedly much more than any person humanly should… oh dear! Catch her on Instagram if ya like!

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  1. Sareta

    Haha, I love how i got a shout out here! I bought one, different colour though, they are lovely! I WANT THEM ALLLLLLLL

  2. Shanice

    OK I need this. And ZaraLou you’re hilarious XXX

  3. Tissam Est La

    I’ve got like, almost all of these bad boys… Just still looking for the Mocha one and I’ll be all set, having the whole collection ! 😀 I love the texture and the matte finish, the comfort I have wearing these too… They’re such great products ! 😀
    Thanks for your review Zara 😀
    Tissam x | Tissam Est La

  4. __didybeauty__

    Hello i found you in instagram! The shade is beautiful!(sorry im french my english is bad)


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