My nine year old has a thing for Nicki Minaj

My nine year old has a thing for Nicki Minaj

My 9 year old has a thing for Nicki Minaj. Whilst I’m secretly happy he has good taste as she’s a fellow Trini, I’m having to censor what he watches and listens to. Yes, I understand it probably is my fault that he likes her music, “Sangria Sunday” would be the perfect time to listen to my rap-pop playlist whilst I cooked Sunday dinner. Nicki would appear on this said playlist numerous times and Moment For Life would have been on repeat. #Sorrynotsorry.

For me, Nicki Minaj isn’t, or hasn’t been a serious rap artist. Some of her songs and videos have been like a pair of ugly over adorned shoes, that are so awful that you truly find them amazing. Basically, I love her “dramatic-ness” and some of her music I take with a pinch of salt. I’m not criticising, coz she’s a blaaaady good businesswoman.

anaconda-nicki-minajWhilst I am allowed to listen to the hell I want and curse along to her lyrics, my 9 year old may have been listening more than I thought. Her earlier albums weren’t that bad in terms of swearing etc, so I didn’t really think about it. But now that she’s transitioning into a more serious artist and leaving the Barbie look behind, where does it leave the kids? Again, I know she IS NOT for the kids, but they’re going to be drawn to her old colourful ways. That’s what attracted me them in the first place. I’d be side-eyeing any grown adult taking a child to a Nicki concert in a nanosecond, so again, I understand she is not for them.

We’ve come to an agreement, he’s allowed to watch some of her videos but I need to vet them first. Anaconda was a straight up “NO”, however, he caught it on TV. Even with the bum-bum shots taken out, he was mesmerised, mouth wide open, practically drooling. At least I have an idea of what his first GF may look like. *Sigh*. He is allowed to purchase the non-explicit versions of her tracks. He is 9, and yes, he’s stepping into the region of “teenager-hood” very soon, and he won’t be asking permission about music. So that’s the compromise. At his age, I’m pretty sure, I was listening, singing and dancing along to Push It by Salt N Pepa. So some may see it as some kind of rite of passage, some may say I reaped what I’ve sown. I dunno. No parent is perfect, so I’ll carry on doing what we’ve been doing for as long as I can.


*Checks parenting controls on all devices*

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