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My 2016 Jar

My 2016 Jar

2016 has arrived. And while I’m not that into New Years Resolutions, I always like to reflect on my past achievements and my future plans for the upcoming twelve months. A discussion in a WhatsApp group lead to a dinner being organized to document what we’d like to do this year, by writing them on bits of paper and folding them into a jar, which won’t be opened until December. Well this sounds more fun then setting resolutions that will be broken by Jan 1st (cough healthy eating*)

And who can say no to dinners?

So I met my girls in Wahaca and we took our jars out and got writing. Some of my goals are quite personal so I won’t share them all, but here are a few to give you some ideas!

Become less picky.

It was only when someone brought up how picky some women are, that I actually sat down and realized how ridiculous I am. I am a perfectionist and have major control issues, especially over things that really aren’t important. I have a curated Instagram account where all photos must be uploaded in threes and have the same colours. I never buy any blue clothing. I don’t do frozen pizzas. If a banana has the smallest of bruises I won’t eat it (I’m getting better at this!) I refuse to drink from a water bottle that has previously contained anything other than water – you could sterilize it… I’m not touching it…. You get the picture. The list is endless and I won’t bore you with the details. My holiday to South America made me realize that I really do sweat the small stuff and it isn’t needed. All it does it create unnecessary stress! I survived just fine in an environment I wasn’t used to, so why all the pickiness?

Be a nicer person.

I’m actually being serious! I have quite high standards, and sometimes that comes across as arrogance or snobbishness, so I really need to think about how I put across my words at times to avoid offending others. My standards are for no one but myself, and occasionally the people I love just because I want the best for them. Even then I can still unintentionally upset others.

Check my bank account at least twice a week

Although I’m getting better at this, I still get scared to look at my account, especially after a splurge. Avoidance is going to solve nothing, so it’s time to woman up! It’s also important to spot any potential errors or fraudulent activity that could be going on.

Practice minimalism

This is something I will hopefully write about in depth later on this year, so keep your eyes peeled. I am starting by having a major declutter session, and I’ve put myself on a hair and beauty product ban, until I’ve used up everything I own first.

Read 15 books.

I read 52 in 2015 so this pales in comparison but this year I want to focus on the quality of books, rather than quantity. I purposely avoided long or difficult reads, particularly towards the last quarter, as I was being stubborn about hitting my target. I want to read the stuff that really matters in 2016. Goodbye Sophie Kinsella 🙁

Move out

My friend kindly iMessaged me this evening to let me know that I’m turning 27 this year, just in case I hadn’t realised. Cow. I’ve wanted to move out for the past 2 years now, however London is, well if you know, you know, and the sky is blue ect. But I refuse to let London beat me. So I will still attempt to move out this year. If it means Super Noodles for dinner 5 days a week then so be it.

What would you like to achieve this year? Let me know by adding a comment below!



*Everyone needs a kebab after a New Years Eve club night. And a café breakfast to get over the hangover. Does Jan 1st really have to count? I don’t think that’s fair….

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