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I moved (almost) outside of London! 💂

I moved (almost) outside of London! 💂

I guess this is an unexpected follow up to my last post and I honestly didn’t think I’d move this far out. But hey, the rent is so much cheaper and I have a beautiful flat to look after!

A couple of months ago I made the leap, and swapped my hectic zone two* lifestyle for the quiet life in zone six. Here are twenty things that I have discovered so far:

1. Shops don’t close THAT early. Although they are still closed by the time I get back from work, so they are useless establishments to me.

2. It is possible to buy plantain** in zone six. Who would have thought?

3. The cost of a 1-6 travel card will make you cry yourself to sleep so it’s best to close your eyes while purchasing.

4. When you’ve spent that much on said travelcard you will feel it is your right to make the most of it, so impropetu trips to oxford circus for shopping occur frequently.

5. People will show outrage over how far you live, as if you plan on inviting them over anyway.

6. You won’t hear a single police siren. And if you do it’s a really big deal and you’ll rush to your window to find out what’s happening.

7. Your borough magazine appeals to those aged 70+ with an interest in Pilates. No featured restaurant of the month, or Prosecco nights.

8. Parking is free in most places. Best thing ever.


9. Starbucks who? My worst nightmare ever.

10. You will return to zone two for a visit and immediately feel stressed about how noisy and crowded it is.

11. Nobody walks like a commuter with places to go. And if you speedwalk you will look like a city douchebag.

12. As above but with drivers too.

13. People refer to zone one as “London” eg – “Oh you work in London?” Excuse me – we are also still in London! (Just)

14. The M25 isn’t actually that far away, and can take you wherever you want to go.

15. It is so lovely to return from a hectic day at work to peace and quiet in the suburbs.

16. Chicken shops don’t really exist, and if they do they cost about the same as Nandos. Pain.

17. Actually moving out of London may not be such a bad idea after all. Since I’ve discovered that I can hack a 75min commute.

18. Black people don’t really exist, however people don’t act like they’ve never seen us before so.. silver linings

19. You get the best of both worlds when working in the city, you can enjoy the benefits of the entertainment and come home to the quieter and cheaper life.

20. Your local off licence lady will still ID you every time despite knowing you well enough by now.

So far, so good in the “burbs”. Having a car definitely helps though. I don’t miss much yet! Maybe this is the start of a new, suburban me…. Horse riding anyone?

* It’s easiest for Londoners to talk in zones, zone one is central London where rich people and very lucky council tenants live, zone six is the suburbs, where most people claim they have never heard of.

**Staple in a Caribbean/South American/African household. Better than life itself.


Lizzy shares her lifestyle and opinions whilst travelling around the world.
Not only is she a young, career-focused professional, she’s a Starbucks and Zara enthusiast.
She’d like to settle down and have kids, but all in good time.


  1. Juanita

    I share this. Mum gets shocked when she sees black people and we live in Zone 4. I’ve refrained from breaking it to her that people also probably look at us with the same shock.

    • Lizzy

      hahahahaha! Zone 4 is not even that far away! I can count them on one hand here in the 2 months that I have been here 🙁

  2. Sareta

    As someone who lived near the area you have moved to as a teenager, this is all too familiar lol. I can make jokes, I can take the mick and warn you not to become “one of those” but in all honesty- what else where you supposed to do? It’s a shame people are being priced out, a crying shame. I have relocated to Essex and that still sounds so strange to me. I miss walking around London and soaking in the multicultural miserableness. I miss the tube, I miss those angry folks who mumble under their breath when someone stands on the left hand side of the escalators. *Le Sigh. I’ll keep in visiting until I can afford to move back. *Not sure if that’s even a realistic wish. *Sobs.

    • Lizzy

      Awww it sucks doesn’t it, being forced to move away from everything that you know, but we can make it ours! Plus london isn’t too far away for either of us 🙂

  3. Nii

    Errr….free parking??? Where is this place in Zone 6 that you speak off!?!

    • Lizzie

      It’s amazing!!! I feel like I have a freedom pass lol!

  4. Monique Francois

    8. Parking is free in most places. Best thing ever…..This has become a distant memory, and the bain of our existence for many London folks! Paying to park OUTSIDE our home, on top of council tax, car tax…breathing tax, you take my point, is too much!

    As a self-proclaimed ‘city-chick’, the free parking out in the ‘burbs’, could sway me….as long as Lizze was able to find and/or recommend a place selling plantain and other ‘hard food’/ground provisions! 🙂

  5. ZaraLouU

    Oh wow, being someone who doesn’t live in London and hasn’t even ever been to London (I know I know) I can’t say I know what a ‘zone’ is (or was till you explained it!) being from Birmingham it’s just natural to see cultural diversity – for me personally anyway! Our buses are fare locked for the whole of the midlands, which shockingly is really decently priced and plantain I can find over the road lol! (Although I’ve never tried it, I wouldn’t know what to do with it…my nan would however!) it’s nice it’s working out for you despite the little niggly bits here and there… being ID’d all the damned time would make me HULK SMASH though 🙊 – wishing you luck in your new place!!!

  6. Becky

    #14. If only the M25 wan’t the worst road in the UK.. 😀

  7. Cee

    So relatable, and I am only in zone 4. Still shocked plantain is available in Zone 6. I bet it’s not 3 for a pound though… x


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