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Mostly Modern Mothering

Mostly Modern Mothering

Jude, our newbie to Kiki Blah-Blah, is all about modern parenting and how to raise a child without losing yourself. She shares her tips, advice and experiences from life as a working mama with two boys – one baby and one husband. If you like what you read, there’s more of it over on Just Another Mum’s Blog!

I never used to be 100% sure if parenting was for me. I’m quite selfish, pretty lazy and definitely impatient. All of these qualities can easily add up to being a less than great parent. But then, I hit my 30’s and I had that inner yearning to be a mum. Two years later, along came Theo and I was immediately certain that I had done the right thing. This perfect little man was suddenly the centre of my world – and I finally understood all those clichés which new parents swear by. Since then, I’ve banished my selfishness, I’ve had my patience tested to the absolute max and I simply haven’t been able to be lazy. But I’ve smiled, laughed and felt a happiness which I can’t even describe every day since a (rather traumatic) birth.
Theo (TJ) will turn one next month. It’s been a rock and roll year of (struggling with) breastfeeding, baby by-products (you know what I mean) and feeling like I’m in a science experiment of how little sleep humans need to survive – both TJ and myself!


The first few months passed in a ridiculous blur – and I largely blame those early winter evenings, postpartum medication and the lack of distinction between night and day. I do remember wondering if those early beaming facial expressions were a smile or, well, just gas. The first giggles from the tiny person you made are without a doubt the best sound any parent will ever hear.  I still don’t know how to leave the house without the amount of stuff that I used to pack for a weekend away.

Here, I’m going to share my stories. Having recently returned to work, I’ll let you know how that goes. I’ll also look back over the last 12 months and fill you in on what memories were made – the good, the bad, the ugly and the (very) messy.

I hope you enjoy!!

Check out Jude’s personal blog here!

Jude is a 30-something mum-of-one who charts her adventures as a single parent while juggling her kid with a career. There’s no sugar-coating the truth with Jude – she tells it as she sees it, hears it, lives it and experiences it. But, this isn’t a how-to guide to parenting – sometimes, it’s quite the opposite! Jude isn’t ashamed to admit to her own flaws whether that’s in raising her son or navigating the ups and downs of relationships. She hopes to show other parents out there – single or otherwise – that they are not alone with the tantrums, tears and all that goes with it. But, above all, Jude wants to show what a fabulous experience parenting is – for just when we all need that reminder of why we signed up to the mum/dad role in the first place!


  1. Sareta

    Welcome Jude! Loving your new post, glad to have you on board the Kiki train 🙂 Looking forward to your next post x

  2. Jess

    Can’t wait to hear more, you sound exactly like me!!! And I love the pics, does a professional photographer follow you around..? :/ X

    • Jude

      Ha ha! thank you! I did have a professional photographer follow me around for one day only …

  3. Sareta

    Haha, I also forgot to say GREAT pics!

  4. ZaraLouU

    Fab work! Reminds me of when I had my son 4 years ago so I feel that tired poopy pain you’re having! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!!

  5. Tam

    It’s a real roller coaster I remember being in my mid 20’s like nah I like freedom, sleep and money. Then becoming a mother in my late 20’s I was like YES!

    Looking forward to reading more x

  6. Sandi Moynihan

    All the best on your mommy adventures (I’m a few years behind you)


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