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London girl in South America (PART TWO)

London girl in South America (PART TWO)

So week one is drawing to a close, and I must admit it’s been quite fast.

Besides begging to stay in an air-conditioned hotel room with wifi, I would say that I’ve adapted pretty well. Oh that heat. At what point did I say I love hot weather? In fact I don’t know why I ever complained about air conditioning in past offices that I have worked in; no idea why I turned up to work in jumpers and a blanket, I must have been insane, clearly.

I’m not sure what led me to say goodbye to the hotel room (might have been the eighty US dollars a night thing). As long as I spend, well, nothing for the rest of the trip I can afford to sleep in luxury and absolute comfort.

In the meantime, I’ve worked out that the best thing for me to do is to plan my sleep around the hottest parts of the day. Just like the Spanish! That was quite clever of them really, to invent siestas. So I wake up really early, sleep for most of the day… and, well night too – but still, I need plenty of rest, it’s tiring working in London, don’t you know?

Why didn’t anyone warn me that make-up just does NOT stay in hot weather? I’m resorting to going without it, minus eyebrows (non-negotiable). I don’t come across that many villagers wearing the stuff anyway, how refreshing! They aren’t fussed about outfits, or fancy hairstyles either. I feel free!

My Granddad invited me along to go fishing with a friend this week. Now I must admit, I thought it would a boring affair where I’d be snoozing in one of those camping chairs with a rod and a few worms. It was bloody amazing, that’s what. I went along expecting to catch a few of those silly tinned grey tuna fish and sardine things, not huge tropical beauties that I felt slightly sorry for after yanking them out of their natural habitats and into the bucket. Of course I didn’t bait the hook or take the fish off, because that’s gross. But I caught a few! I was so excited about the first one that I missed my step during my celebratory dance and fell into the stream. Thank goodness for my wellies (or “long boots” allegedly) and the last minute decision to leave my phone in the car, don’t think all the rice in the field next door would have saved it from drowning.

We cooked the fish the very next day! Obviously I wanted to make sushi, but I had to settle for fried fish, bread and plantain… thanks Grandma!

My Granddad also advised that I’d be able to drive out here too, so I humoured him for a bit, thinking he was joking, until he gave me a form stating that I have “permission” to drive from the government. Naturally I wanted to crap my pants after seeing the way drivers overtake, turn without signalling and ignore every traffic light going, but I managed to represent, as the slowest London Sunday Driver possible. An utter embarrassment that’s what, however I got everybody home alive and kicking, and that’s all that matters. I deserve a special license for being able to navigate with no streetlights, around potholes and wandering cows. I also deserve an award for not submerging the vehicle in the stream while reversing in my Grandad’s drive every day, as I was far too lazy to adjust my mirrors.

Towards the end of the week once I had the hang of driving, I attempted to visit a drive-thru fast food place. In my opinion, the intercom wasn’t working properly. It absolutely did not have anything to do with the worker not being able to understand my accent when all I wanted was some chicken and chips. I gave up eventually and drove right round to the front window, and so what if I ended up with fruit juice instead of the water that I asked for, maybe they like handing out surprises.

I also went to a shopping centre with my uncle! I have to be honest and say I was completely impressed, as I never expected to see something of this standard in Guyana. It was brand new and sparkly, they had really good stores (and air conditioning!!), I could easily have spent a few happy hours, days even in there.

I thought I’d be besties with these puppies by now. I went for a walk down the garden to say hi, and they started barking! Obviously I thought they were just confused, so I got closer, and they CHASED ME. How dare they. Have you ever had three dogs run after you?! I don’t care if they were puppies; a few things crossed my mind including the words  “dog bites”, “rabies”, “no NHS”, so naturally the only sensible thing to do was to run, away, fast. Never mind that the neighbours laughed their heads off and my Granddad found it equally hilarious when I told him. Huff.

My plans to be a fruitarian haven’t gone that well, which I will blame on my non-stop cook of a Grandmother. It’s not my fault that I am surrounded 24/7 by pineapple tarts, roti and curry. Must. Stand. My. Ground. The only thing I have managed to resist so far is rice, it’s not by force, everyday. Please. God. No.  In fact, in 16 days I will return home wonderfully tanned and all knowing, and two dress sizes down to an 8. You wait and see.

Quite enjoying being out here with little responsibility or job. Yes, about the job thing, I will have to get that sorted when I return. The plus side of limited wifi means I can’t sort my life out while I’m here! So I’ll just sit back and relax….. and find myself. The best place for me to do it…

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  1. Tracey

    Very enjoyable post! (Beautiful photography too) I love reading about people’s travel experiences, especially when they reside in the western part of the world. It’s such an eye opener to visit parts of the world that are so different to what we consider ‘the norm’.

    You’re so brave to drive in Guyana though! I could never… And I admit that I also laughed at the image of the puppies chasing you!



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