Not sure if the title fully explains what Dylan created… but by the end of this post, I hope you all get it. So… Lava + Envelopes = LAVALOPES YAY!

Dylan had a lot of fun decorating these envelopes. It was a bit messy, but easy enough for a 9 year old to avoid any craziness. A bit of newspaper would suffice or take it to the garden like we did.

What we used:

A plate
Baby oil
Yellow food colouring
Red food colouring

*It was a sunny day, so we dried our envelopes on the washing line, you could do the same or leave to dry flat on some newspaper.





How we did it:

Mix baby oil and yellow food colouring in a cup. Do the same with the red food colouring. Add water to a plate and drip the mixture of oils onto the water. Lightly press the envelope, face down, into the mixture. Turn over and press in the other side. Either hang to dry or leave flat in a warm area.



Dylan plans to use his Lavalopes to send notes to the members of his secret club, but you can use your envelopes for ANYTHING! Love notes, letters, birthday cards… why not try making matching wrapping paper? 🙂

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  1. Dylan

    Hey mum Dylan here.
    I loving your website.
    Love Dylan xx

    • Sareta

      Thank you Dylan 😀

  2. Matt crump

    This looks like a cool technique, and I think I’m going to incorporate it into some new art. Seriously!

    • Sareta

      Ooooh, keep us posted Matt! That really wasn’t supposed to be a pun -__-


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