Meet The Kiki Blah-Blah Bloggers

Meet The Kiki Blah-Blah Bloggers

Whilst we have an about page and some extra info on the contact page, I thought it would be nice to reintroduce the Kiki Blah-Blah bloggers via our fab night out in Nottingham.

Kiki Blah-Blah – A quirky blog aimed at mums and beyond.
Sareta is the creator of Kiki Blah-Blah. She designs and maintains the site along with our Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and Facebook social media platforms. Along with the other contributors, Sareta also blogs! Lizzy shares her current lifestyle. She’s a young professional working in the city and a self-confessed Starbucks and Zara enthusiast. She also maintains our Pinterest page along with posting on Twitter and FacebookMichelle is the gluten and dairy-free food blogger, she creates fab recipes for all the family. Jude is a yummy mummy and more, she blogs about motherhood as she see’s and lives it. Her posts are humorous, relatable and honest. Zara is our newest addition to the ever growing team; she is the go-to beauty guru! ZaraLouU is a mummy who is a makeup and beauty junkie, and everything tried and tested is fab and affordable! Both Mayita & Hayley are part of the Kiki squad, they blog when they can, and also interact weekly on our Facebook Page.

This was the second meet up for the Kiki team, the first was fun, however only myself, Michelle and Lizzy could make it. To make matters worse Lizzy was on crutches due to a torn Achilles Heel (ouch).

Fast forward to 2017 and the team has grown, and Hayley is preggers! Being pregnant, a three-hour train journey only to go and have virgin cocktails till 2am doesn’t sound so great, so we completely forgive her for missing it. Hayley my love, you were there in spirit.

Top left to right: Zara, Jude and Mayita. Bottom left to right: Lizzy, Sareta and Michelle.

Both Michelle and Mayita are based in Nottingham, so it was up to the rest of us to make our way up to them. It was only fair since the last meet up was in London. The Kiki Blah-Blah budget enabled us to stay at the ever so swanky St James Hotel, have dinner and enjoy discounted cocktails in conjunction with Nottingham Loves Cocktails. Not excluding getting some fab photos with the very talented photographer Aggie.

Top left to right: Zara, Jude and Michelle. Bottom left to right: Sareta, Lizzy and Mayita.

Left to right: Jude and Mayita.

Left to right: Lizzy and Sareta (Wearing- Top & Sandals: New Look, Metallic Trousers: New Look & Belt Love Yaa yaa)

Left to right: Zara and Michelle.

The ladies had a blast, and even though this was the first time we’d all met (only I knew everyone excluding Zara) conversations flowed and laughter was shared. Lizzy, as you may know is my sister, so yeah, obviously we knew each other. I met Michelle at university, Mayita and I met through our hubbys and I happened to be booked as Jude’s makeup artist when she was a beautiful bride. Now Zara and I were internet buddies, if I can remember correctly, our mutual love grew on Twitter. Hayley and I first met as teens working part time at Wax Lyrical, (before they closed their stores), it was the best Saturday job selling and wrapping up scented candles. “Due to the high concentration of perfume within our candles, we recommend that you place them in a glass container”… we were such pros (lol). The rest of the ladies were introduced through the blog.

Anyways, after that brief explanation of how everyone knows each other, I’d just like to say how amazing these ladies are! I’m so glad to have them on board, their individual thoughts and experiences make the blog what it is…bloody fantastic x

📸  – Aggie H Photography |  Insta – @aggiehphoto

Sareta Fontaine is the founder of Kiki Blah-Blah; an award-winning site which highlights & shares modern motherhood. Since 2016, Sareta has worked on the platform, both designing and creating a space for other bloggers to share their thoughts and feelings, while also sharing hers. You’ll find everything from food, parenting, travel, beauty, relationships, fashion and so much more.


  1. ZaraLouU

    Yay! And it was indeed a fabulous night out indeed!!

    Our friendship struck up over pink hair 😉 – and now look who ended up with a bright Barnet too!

    Much love ladies it is an honour and treasure to work beside you all!



  2. Tamu

    Team cute 💜

    • Sareta

      Tee hee! Thank you 😘

  3. Jess

    You look like you have SUCH GOOD TIMES!!! Can I ask how you choose new members for the team? I’d love to be involved!!!!


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