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I luuuuurve me some Pinterest . Especially when it comes to collecting inspirational ideas for anything I’m about to do. It’s usually stuff for around my house, garden or hair. Yeah, I’m one of those.

My Mum was recently clearing out some unwanted things and asked if I wanted her LACK Ikea table. I agreed as there were hundreds of ideas detailing what I could possibly do with that style of coffee table. I must have sat there for hours wondering what type of spray/chalk/gloss paint to get, what colour, what style, what stencil?  After all of that, I decided that Zachary, who loves Lego, who loves leaving Lego for me to step on and hoover up, needed it more than I. This is my Ikea Table hack!




All you need are some Lego baseplates, Super glue, Duck tape and of course an Ikea LACK table. *Now reduced to £8*.

Whilst I had the creative bug this rainy afternoon, I added some kiddie pizzaz to Ziggy’s LÄTT Ikea table. If you didn’t notice, I took one of the chairs from this set to go with Zachary’s Lego table.

Again, very simple to create. All you need is some Sharpies, a ruler, and lastly a LÄTT Ikea table.




Great up-cycled tables that will encourage your kids to use their imagination whilst playing.



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