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Iced dummies/pacifiers/soothers/binkies are a FAB way to keep your babies and toddlers cool in the sweltering heat. Whether they’re teething or just grouchy because of the heat, this neat little tip will keep them happy 🙂

You may be dead against dummies, I was totally with you for babies 1 & 2. However, with modern styles and shapes, orthopaedic dummies are meant to be fine when it comes to growing baby teeth. You can get rid of them, but can’t throw away a thumb or finger!

Ziggy has had dummies from birth and now (aged 14 months) he’s only having them at bedtime and when he’s particularly moody… which is one of the reasons why this little tip has been shared.

You’ll notice that when you squeeze dummies under water, the teat fills up… this is where you begin after making sure your dummy is clean and sterile!


How To:

  • Fill you your teat under running water OR cooled boiled water
  • Place in the freezer for roughly 1-2 hours, or when you need it. Make sure you don’t put it around any stored meat – it may be easier and more hygienic to place in a sealed freezer bag
  • Remove from the freezer and let the dummy sit for 2 minutes – this just allows any water to melt on the outside. You don’t want it to stick to your child’s skin
  • Let your toddler put the dummy in his/her mouth. They may find it strange at first, but if they like it they’ll let you know! This may be a bit too cold for younger babies – I’d suggest only doing this with babies who are weaned

Click to see Ziggy’s reaction to his “iced dummy”.

#KikiBlahBlah Keeping cool with Iced Dummies/Pacifiers

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  1. Dylan Fontaine


    Hey, Its me again. I like your post mummy and i think Ziggy would love your idea aswell!


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