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It’s so easy to just give up and go with the flow. It seemed as if leggings were the standard “Mummy uniform”, slightly ill fitted tops were OK, because all mums carry a bit of weight/fluff. I look like the majority, I fit in. Until you get a wake up call… your body has had enough. I need a reboot. I’ve always been able to drop a few pounds, get back to my happy comfortable size 12 (UK), but since the last kiddie, it seems as if my body refuses to give up those inches. I did the calorie counting after I stopped breast feeding, I power-walked I joined the gym, nothing worked. All that hard work to loose roughly 6lbs when all that effort should have turned me into a curvaceous strong ass goddess. Nope. So, what do you do in that situation? Give it all up and enjoy your evening wine and naughty treats at the weekend. YES, yes I did. Luckily I didn’t put any weight on, I just remained the same and put it down to this being my “normal new happy size” 16 (UK).

I’m not saying for one minute that if you’re a size 16 you should be disgusted with yourself, I know this is the most common size in the UK at the moment. But this isn’t me. The shops I like seem to stop at a 14, the clothes I like don’t look good on me, and most of all my health is suffering.

I’ve had Menorrhagia for a while, it’s been a constant ongoing problem and leaves me tired and hungry. My knees are F’ed, I have pains caused by an operation I had when I was 13, so exercise, especially at this weight, is limited. My skin looked dull and no matter how much I cleansed, toned and moisturised, I’d have new breakouts every morning. After my holiday, I got back bloated and heavy. I needed a REBOOT. 

As I said, calorie counting didn’t work- it was boring and restrictive. It seemed like I wasn’t allowed certain things. Which made me feel worse. I was punishing myself. I’d never been one for processed foods, I always ate wholegrain and wheat, yes, I liked to drink, but not excessively, so WTF was I doing wrong? I cook everything from scratch, you skinny bitches live on processed Weight Watchers meals *sigh*. So lets go back to basics. What HAVEN’T I tried?

instaRAW. Raw fruit and veg and so much of it it fills me up to the point where I’m rubbing my tummy as though I’ve eaten my fav Kung Po Prawns and Special Fried Rice. MMMMmmm. My meal plan for the last 3 weeks has consisted of juicing veg for breakfast, a LARGE plate of mixed raw vegetables and salad with a small portion of whatever healthy meal I’ve cooked and the same in the evening. It has worked. The bloat went away, my clothes are smaller and my skin is amazing! I haven’t had any skin issues during this time. Whilst the constant periods haven’t stopped, I do feel better within myself.

Now, it’s early days, and “diets” usually fail. This isn’t a diet, this is a reboot and a new start. And seeing as I’ve written this down, there’s no going back – EEK. So if you feel the same, want some support or want to see how my journey progresses join us on our Facebook page. Have a gander at recipes, healthy eating, news etc. Feel free to share your ideas too. You’ll see snippets on The Kiki blog of course, but you’ll be able to see and share a lot more > #EatRaw2Score.

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  1. Elizabeth

    I really want to start doing this! I’m interested to see how you get along.. share some nice recipes with us too!

    • Sareta

      I WILL!


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