Home ed, is home education all that it’s cracked up to be?

Home ed, is home education all that it’s cracked up to be?

Home Ed, is it really all that it’s cracked up to be? Whilst most parents are filled with dread at the thought of solely educating their little one, guest contributor, Mayita fills us in.

Why home ed? I’d like to say it was a difficult decision to make, NOT sending our child to school but unfortunately, at present, the schooling system does not fill me with much enthusiasm or ease that he will be happy there.

So here we are, preparing for our journey of Home Education (not schooling, which I consider to be different, some people may say I’m splitting hairs).

home ed The main concern that people bring up when I mention what we have decided is the idea of socialising.

“How will he learn to be around other children?” “Aren’t you worried he’ll have no friends?” Firstly these concerns are usually expressed while we are out at playgroups, with my son running around seemingly perfectly able to speak to and play with other children, Secondly, when you Home Ed you are very rarely indoors by yourself if you search you will find countless groups organising meetups and skill sharing lessons. So, No, thank you I don’t worry about his socialising abilities.

“Don’t you have to be a teacher?”

The answer is definitely not. Many teachers who choose to Home Ed (and there are many) say that they have to try and forget all that they have learnt because the idea of Home Ed is solely following the child and their interests.

You’re not bogged down by statistics, admin, exams and curriculum instead you are lead by what your child wants to learn. This can be scary because we’re told that learning has to be structured and rigorous, and even though my son is only 3 I still find myself concerned that we’re not doing enough and that there may be gaps in his learning.

Then I remind myself that HE IS ONLY 3 and I chill out just a bit.

home ed

When I have exhausted all other avenues I always come back to my main reason behind Home Educating.

We, as parents, are responsible for the most important years of their lives. These are the years when they learn to crawl, stand, walk, eat, talk and use the toilet. Why, then, are we told that after all that we are not capable of teaching them all the rest?

Sure there will be points when maybe a tutor can improve on his knowledge (especially for maths, which is not my strong point) but I will also use this time with him to work on my own knowledge, because at the end of the day, I went to school, college and university and I still couldn’t tell you why the sky is blue.

At least this time around I’ll have fun founding out with my little bear.


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