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Home birth and the nine months that made us

Home birth and the nine months that made us

How home birth and nine months of pregnancy helped cement our choices.

So it’s been a while since I last wrote anything for Kiki Blah-Blah, mainly because I got so pregnant that my brain stopped working and when I wasn’t running after the Bear, I was sleeping. But now, oh how things have changed!

Little baby Ping Pong was born back in November just in time to get involved in the Christmas madness and since then we’ve all been adjusting to life as a foursome. But that is for another blog, THIS one is to look at what my pregnancy meant for our home educating journey.

To be honest, pregnancy didn’t really change it much, although I was perhaps even less organised than usual and the activities weren’t so frequent because I was completely shattered most of the time. What it did do is give our journey a temporary theme and that was my pregnancy.

As usual, I was all over my stash of resources and would you believe it! The Open University had recently produced a free poster called Nine Months That Made You, so I filled in my details and a few weeks later this arrived.


Home birth
Home birth

The pictures fascinated Bear, and it meant that when we talked about what was growing in my tummy, he had visual aids. I think this made it easier for him to engage with the tummy and would often talk and sing to it.

We also asked Bear to name bump, which is where Ping Pong came from and still at 2 months old, even though baby has an official name, he still calls him that.

It also helped that I had a very lovely midwife who was happy to involve Bear with all the tests, so it would be his job to take my blood pressure, he would remind me to take my pee in the special bottle and even one time watched my blood being taken, he would also show everyone who visited us the scan photos.

It really was a wonderful experience to see this little person become so involved in the growing of his sibling. One thing I did really want to do but unfortunately never got around to was sit and watch an actual home birth with him in preparation.

I was planning on (and did have) a home birth and there was a slim chance that Bear might be awake (he wasn’t in the end as Ping Pong arrived at half 4 in the morning).

We had talked about what he might see throughout the labour and I went through a few noises that I might make and ensured him that mummy might look in pain but it was good pain and to not feel scared. It was always made very clear he could leave if he felt scared, or indeed if he was bored.

When Ping Pong finally arrived, Bear handled it incredibly well and has instantly become the loving doting brother I knew he would be, I’d like to think that his involvement in the pregnancy helped with this connection. I was incredibly happy to not only have a home birth but to have Bear there too.

This may all sound a bit over the top for some people, considering that Bear, at the time, was only 3 but that is what’s so great about educating at home, whether you go to school or not.

Everything and Anything becomes a topic for learning.

The joy of sharing your toilet trips with a tiny person means that we’ve already had an age-appropriate, chat about periods. This lead to an impromptu experiment with a tampon and a Mooncup!

A close encounter with a pigeon became a day making binoculars out of toilet rolls and sitting in the kitchen studying birds in the garden for the RSPB’s Big Bird Watch.

There are boundless opportunities to learn, we just have to be open to it.

The scary part for me this year though, is the fact that we have actually made our choice official, we have ignored the requests for school choices. There is no turning back now (well there is but I have a flair for the dramatic) we have made this choice and for the time being, we’re really going to do it.

One thing I will say is that if the last nine months is anything to go by, we’ll do ok.

Home birth

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  1. Sareta

    I love this! Mayita, you’re really going to explain what all these things are- “Mooncups”, “cloth nappies”. I have no idea, my head doesn’t compute 🙁 Great post x


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