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It’s half term and Halloween on Saturday so I’ve been spammed with reminders of spooky days out and ghastly Halloween treats.

Halloween party bags popped up within my inbox, in particular, quite costly ones from Etsy. I must have spent an hour looking at all the creepy themed bags, some custom made and others with great designs. Whilst I did love a lot of the designs, finger hovering above the “Add To Basket Button” I remembered that I am cheap. I don’t really want to spend £20 on something that will only be used for 10 minutes on one day of the year. So, I decided to make them.

It was so much fun; both Ziggy and Zach enjoyed getting their feet painted and creating these ghostly prints. Thank you ‘Crafty Morning‘ for the inspiration.


What you need:

Paper loot/party bags
Black card
White paint
Paint brush
White chalk
Hair Spray
Black Marker pen

How to:

Paint your little ones feet with white paint.

Make your foot print on black card and leave to dry.

Draw around your footprint with chalk, then colour in your ghosts spooky eyes and mouth.

Spray your ghost lightly with hairspray so the chalk doesn’t smudge.

Cut out and glue onto your party bag.

Decorate your bag with your chosen words or design.

Fill with treats and enjoy!


Happy Halloween 👻

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