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Hairy Maclary 🙋

Hairy Maclary 🙋

Christmas just gone my oldest sister came over from France as well as my little sister so we took the opportunity to have a big family dinner, which obviously meant getting dressed up. As I was getting undressed my oldest sister gasped in horror at the sight of my unshaven armpits.

She was absolutely mortified when I then told her I hadn’t shaved (or in my case epilated) my legs since the summer and couldn’t quite get her head around the fact that I wasn’t bothered. Thankfully our relationship is good and I know her disgust is purely for jokes, but for a lot of women it really can be a source for absolute horror, and for me that makes me embrace my hair even more.

Last year H&M released an advert that had a women in it with hairy armpits, along with other women that supposedly break from ‘the female norm’ it was posted in a parent group I belong to, and although the majority of comments where praising their choice, one comment stood out. “Urgh, that is disgusting” and she meant it. It angered me so much that I had to comment, informing her that being unshaven was neither unhygienic nor disgusting. But it saddened me that these comments, as well as images of hairless women are constantly being filtered down through generations so that we loose sight of what women look like in their natural state or if we see them like that, they are viewed as unclean or unfeminine.

hairy roxie hunt hairy armpits
hairy roxie hunt hairy armpits

Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t care less if you never shave or shave off all your hair on your body, but it should be your choice. Not a choice made by fear of being ridiculed.

So this is where my children come in and also my main point for writing this post. Raising boys I am conscious that how they view women falls on me initially, and I don’t mean, so they find a nice woman to settle down with, but that they value the women they meet in their lives. Whether that’s through friendships, as workmates, as lovers or just passing them in the street. I want them to embrace women as equals, to not be grossed out by hair under their arms, or on their legs or the fact that women bleed for 7days a month.

I do this by embracing my hair, and making sure they know that I embrace it. I don’t stand at the mirror bemoaning my saggy tummy or counting my wrinkles, I happily wear strappy tops and have hairy armpits. And although I’m still not fully comfortable baring my hairy legs, I talk to my inquisitive 5 year old about why I am de-fuzzing in the summer months. But I ensure that they are positive reasons and not because I find the hair disgusting.

These may seem insignificant in the big, grand scheme of life but for me it’s a building block I’m adding to this tiny human along with many others that will one day, hopefully, create a compassionate and loving adult.

*Images: Illustration – Madison McClain
Photographs – Roxie Hunt



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hairy armpits

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  1. Tone

    This is a brilliant post. It’s interesting how natural armpits are almost easier to accept than legs. I will often go months and months without shaving my legs or armpits and I don’t really worry about exposing my hairy pits, but somehow when my bushy ankles appear I get a little embarrassed! Why is that?!

    • Mayita

      Thank you. And you’re so right,it’s definitely more acceptable to have hairy armpits. Although this winter I’ve got a little braver wearing ankle length trousers which ride up to mid calf when I sit down. I suppose it just takes little things like that to challenge what’s seen as ‘the norm’ and ensuring that women are still feminine, sexy, attractive even when they choose not to shave. I have a friend who doesn’t shave her legs and wears skirts with no rights, she has never had comments. So maybe there’s no need to feel embarrassed. I bet you are rockin it 😉 x

  2. ZaraLouU

    Wow, this is a thought provoker – the issue mainly is that it’s natural. The same women that love child birth being as natural as possible somehow hate what our body ALSO produces naturally?
    Fairly though I’m not a fan of hair period – I shave everywhere literally every other day – I prefer being smooth, but does that give me the right to sneer on what is natural? No. I do what I do by choice and so do others – the lesson needing to be learned is respect, respect for our bodies and how we treat/what we do with them!
    I think it’s wonderful how you’re raising your boys to understand that women aren’t simply the Vaseline products in a glossy magazine – GO GIRL!!!

    • Mayita


  3. Sareta

    I grew mine when I was ill over Xmas and New Years. I had jumpers on and no razors and I actually LIKED IT. I felt really womanly. The other half was a bit unsure, so I caved and shaved it off lol. He wasn’t mad crazy telling me that he hated it, but he preferred it smooth. I wasn’t that attached to the hair, it was just different… a bit grown up.

    Anyways, great post Mayita x

  4. Aneliese

    Here Here Maj!

    You know my fluffzilla opinions and I’m proud to wear my hair!

    Kisses x

    • Mayita

      Ha ha fluffzilla, love it! You certainly are one of my original hairy ladies 😘

  5. Kass

    I embrace my natural hair in winter keeps me warm lol, as a mom of 4 boys im hoping wen they are older they will respect women for who they are and not expect full primping everyday. If i dont shave my armpits they dont say a word, well except my 5yr old who says “mommy you’ve got spider legs in ur armpits” hehe! In fact we sometimes have contests on whos got the hairest legs! Each to there own i say, if we were all the same the world would be a boring place 😊 ps loving the dyed pit hair high five sista x


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