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Battle of the Lash Primers – Essence VS Maybelline

Battle of the Lash Primers – Essence VS Maybelline

You all know the drill with my lashes by now.  Short, fawny coloured, stubby lacking pretty much anything desirable in an Insta world awash with images of others adorning false lashes.  Ones that I can’t even apply smdh.  So, next step? Lash primers of course!

What is the purpose of a lash primer?

The overall purpose of a lash primer is to help give the look of ‘longer, thicker lashes’ with the added bonus of conditioning the lashes, however, there seems to be a variation in what primers can offer the wand holder...

Now, I have brand faves in the beauty world. It goes without saying that when something works for us, we build a rapport with them and naturally gravitate to their other offerings. So, as I perused the aisles, I snatched up two, very different primers.


Essence VS Maybelline Lash Primers
Essence VS Maybelline Lash Primers

My first choice, the Essence Cosmetics ‘Volume booster lash primer’ is a white-based undercoat, offering lashes a volume boost with acai oil and mango butter for a superfruits conditioning punch.  Did it work though?

Well, not quite.  Upon further inspection, the two ‘super fruits’ feature a fair way down the list of ingredients, massive bummer.  Also, whilst the formula smelled rather nice, it went on quite thick and seemed to be very slippery even when I allowed it to dry, sorry ‘dry’ because it never fully did.  On numerous occasions, I found it oddly wet and my mascara seemed to droop my eyelashes more than they already are.

 My second choice, I grabbed because I adore the accompanying mascara, the Maybelline ‘Volum’ express colossal big shot tinted primer.  This collagen enhanced formula promises a fanned-out fringe look to the lashes, and of course ‘volume, length and thickness’.  Can’t say I got all of that though.  Whilst I managed to see a smidge of extra length, looking at myself face on gave the appearance of clumpy lashes that lacked definition, and I felt as though bits were falling into my eyes throughout the day. Whilst it is contact lens friendly and ophthalmologist tested, it doesn’t mean that it’s not uncomfortable!

But did I really need a lash primer after testing these out?

No.  No, I didn’t.  In fact, I found my mascara performed 10x better on my bare lashes alone as opposed to using a primer before-hand.  Maybe I hadn’t found the one, but for now, I’ll just stick to my bare lashes taking a pasting of my usual fave.

Now if anyone can magic me some Bambi-esque lashes in the meantime, for life, for free, I’ll be eternally grateful.


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