Sensory play can be divided into five classifications that correspond to the senses: touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste. Babies enjoy putting things on their mouths. Any kind of food that falls on the floor usually ends up being a gourmet snack if your back is turned. Edible sensory play encourages babies to learn through using their hands and mouths. It’s a fab excuse to let them discover through messy play.

Edible sensory play- glitter spaghetti

What we used:

Cooked Spaghetti
Cooked pasta swirls
Yellow food colouring
Edible glitter
Mummy’s yoga mat 🙁

*Ziggy is a bit of a neat freak so his messy play doesn’t look THAT messy. If you have a baby with a normal temperament, this could get quite messy! Watch out for your carpet.

Sensory Play

How we did it:

Added cooked pasta to a Tupperware container. Sprinkle the glitter and mix in the food colouring. Give your baby spoons to play with and GO!

What we learnt:

Senses- Sight, smell, taste, touch and sound. Ziggy responded by tasting and touching the spaghetti after seeing it. As he explored and played, he noticed that he’d dropped some… listening to the quiet thud alerted his senses that he was missing out on the bits that he’d dropped. ALL of his senses where used during this play time, it was a great way to get him thinking and leaning at the same time.

*We only had yellow food colouring at the time, but you could try and do multicoloured spaghetti! A mixture of different colours would be fab. Edible sensory play – glitter spaghetti! A fun way to get your babies exploring.

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