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ECCO SOFT 1 LADIES; Womens Trainers

ECCO SOFT 1 LADIES; Womens Trainers

Ok, so the school run just got that little bit comfier thanks to the new Ecco Soft 1.

ECCO Soft 1’s keep style and comfort together in perfect harmony with this ladies high-top sneaker crafted from rich, full-grain cow and nubuck leathers. The combination of the two specially-chosen hides gives interesting contrast in grains and finish, while still creating a super-soft cocoon for your feet. The lace closure system ensures a bespoke fit every time, and the bold, contrasting PU sole provides a stable base as well as eye-catching detail. Inside, the footbed is anatomically designed to deliver all-day support from heel to toe.

As you may know, I’m a big lover of flashy prints and colours, so I usually keep my footwear quite inconspicuous or easy on the eye. The New ECCO Soft 1 trainers have been a godsend. As I don’t drive, I literally walk everywhere- school runs, dog walks, grocery shopping; EVERYWHERE.

Since these trainers were gifted to review, I’ve been wearing them for the last few days to do exactly that.

To be honest, and I like being honest with you guys obviously, I’ve never had a pair of ECCO’s, I wouldn’t even have had a clue where to get them from, but actually they have so many stores across the UK and even better you can purchase online. They really have been the comfiest trainers I’ve ever owned. They’re not made for working out, they’re purely an everyday kind of trainer. By this I mean team them with your fav pair of jeans or joggers- I had a semi casual day and they even suited that. I was surprised that I actually fell in love with them.

I have knee issues due to a growth problem that was surgically corrected when I was a teen. This means now and again I get pains if my posture is slightly off, or my shoes have no support. I’m definitely not good in heels, if you see me in a pair, it’s a lie. I’ll be in pain. These trainers are fab. Super comfortable, supportive and like I said, easy on the eye when it comes to my clothing choice.

The ECCO Soft 1 is available in White, Black, Purple, Pink, Ombre and Red – great varied colours to work into your Autumn/Winter wardrobe – classic colours that will never go out of style.

If you’d like to get a pair, check them out on their website- Ecco Soft 1


*Items were gifted to style and review, all thoughts and opinions are totally my own*

Post sponsored by ECCO shoes.


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  1. Zaralouu

    Ombré?! I need some of these!
    I too have knee issues that I’m currently having physiotherapy for – and an ankle issue which renders most tighter ill fitting high tops out of reach for me – by these literally sound perfect!

    Need to mooch. Need to put on Christmas list.

    Also. I need your style. lol!



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