Dry January, did I make it till the end?

Dry January, did I make it till the end?

Dry January? Sounds like a month of torture! Why would anyone want to do this? Well…

Wine is life*. Wine turns my sour/stressed/sad mood into a calm state of amazingness – the best legal high. I wouldn’t say that I’m an alcoholic (many would disagree) but a glass of wine in the evening is all I need to end my day well. Rum used to be my go-to for nights out but I’ve also started to indulge on my sofa, two cubes and a splash of diet coke – perfection.
So I guess I’m trying to say that after completing a habit calendar for December as I suspected, something was up, I tracked every single day that I’d had a drop of alcohol, and… I’d had a drink every day in December from the day I started tracking!

Every. Single. Day.

With that realisation and the fact that I’m trying to drop two dress sizes in time to be a bridesmaid in summer, I decided to go cold turkey, coinciding with Dry January. Our Kiki Kiki Blah Blah leader, Sareta decided to do the same, so we were in this together. It started off quite easy. Except for deciding when dry January actually started. Would I need to stop drinking halfway through my NYE pyjama party, at 11.59pm? Or does it start when I wake up in the morning, as a new day? A few people pointed out that I’d be “cheating” if I continued past midnight, so I decided not to.


I had to go out with a bang you see, so Sareta mixed me a plethora of alcoholic beverages from the minute I stepped through the door. I got so drunk that I don’t have any recollection of midnight. My brother in law handed me a glass of prosecco at some point (that I do remember) and then it got … messy. Prosecco and I don’t mix, and I spent the rest of new years’ hugging the kids’ bathroom toilet (sorry guys). Fantastic start to 2018.

Anyway, I woke up (new year new me and that), feeling so horrible that I would quite gladly go without alcohol for some time. The first few days were fine, I ran 5k every other day and did weights, lost a few pounds and felt great. I barely had any social nights out planned so the temptation to drink wasn’t there.

Dry Jan
Dry Jan
Dry Jan

Sareta caved before me (sorry for the exposure) but I kept going. I was determined not to hide behind alcohol. I’m a natural introvert and I always feel like I NEED a drink or two to loosen up and be chatty and fun at events. I wish I could just call upon extraversion when I wanted it now and then, and I wanted to use this month to try it. But then I ended up in a quirky bar one day, and accidentally purchased some sort of cocktail, and I remembered how much I love rum.

So since I caved one time, I thought, why not continue?  So I did… a few more times during the month… red wine at dinner here, cheeky cocktail (it was a Christmas present!) at home there… etc. You thought this would have a happy ending, right? Well, it did, kind of. I no longer drink at home regularly. I also think about how many calories are in each glass of wine, which definitely makes me think twice.

How much weight have I lost? 5lbs!

So cheers to Dry January (is that blasphemy?) Although I only made it to day thirteen, you made me realise that I don’t need to drink anywhere near as much as I used to. The next step will involve not having to rely on it to have a good time.

Maybe I’ll give that a try in 2019.

*Expression when something is so amazing it is practically worth your whole life.



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  1. Zara

    Well done for the change and the lesson learned to yourself!
    I was once similar as a teenager. I had some bad moments with alcohol. And it was my health that made me rethink that!

    A cheeky tipple here and there in good measure is fun though 😉

  2. Sareta

    I corrupted you? I think not 😐👀😏

  3. Sareta

    AAAAAND, I didn’t cave if I had no intention of doing it loooooool

  4. Danny

    Well you did better than me. I messed it up so bad I’m doing Dry February to atone for my sins – seriously!!!!


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