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Disney’s Aladdin & The Lion King London Pop Up

Disney’s Aladdin & The Lion King London Pop Up

Disney decided to host a FREE (yes, free) pop-up this summer holiday, and I jumped at the opportunity!

Everyone knows the struggle of finding free stuff to do over the summer holidays, and towards the end of it, most of us are financially drained by our mostly-hard-to-entertain children who have seen enough splash parks to last a lifetime!

Ever the theatre fiends, we packed our bags and were off! With the weather behaving itself as it been all summer and the children’s behaviour at its best, we enjoyed an exciting train ride to London before standing in line for our turn to get involved in an entertaining dance session that was awaiting us inside.  The hardest part, apart from me proving I could still ‘bust a move’, was waiting to get in!

People-watching is my thing, and I was loving the bustling London world around me; people from all walks of life walking in all directions, some rushing, some on their phones, most looking for where to go, and lots of people just enjoying the beauty that is Covent Garden.  It had been 8 years since I visited Central London, and I’m really not sure why I waited that long!

Once we got in, we were surrounded by a bunch of overly excited children and got right into the swing of learning a variety of new moves, scarily similar to some aerobics classes I have done, but so much more fun!

Then came the singing, which is the thing that we were most looking forward to. Everyone loves Disney films for the songs; I personally spent hours watching repeats, so I could learn every single lyric and pretend I was either Jasmine or Belle.

Zulu is my second language and listening to songs in my near mother tongue was entertaining. Honestly, I didn’t believe some of the words were even in Zulu but, who cared?! We got side-tracked by saying ‘Woosa’ while the children laughed at how ridiculous it sounded. I had to hold back from getting on the stage and singing myself!

If the dancing and interaction with the children was anything to go by, then they had the best fun ever! We got up close with the masks and costumes from The Lion King and Aladdin, we got an inside look at the world behind the stage. We learnt about our favourite Disney films, which made my childhood memories come to life. Fantasy transformed into reality right before our eyes.

At the end of each session came a Photo Booth opportunity with the Genies Lamp. My inner-child tried to convince my girls that I needed to hold it for our picture, however, unfortunately, I just wasn’t convincing enough. We ended up just getting my best angle, no lamp, but a memory we could keep forever.

I hope that more of these pop-ups appear during long hot summer holidays because this was an absolute win! Not only for my Disney Princess lovers but for me too. The girls and I created memories that day that we’ll always hold on to.


*Although this wasn’t a sponsored post, we’d like to give a special thanks to The Corner Shop for letting us know about this event. 

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Disney's Aladdin and The Lion King Pop-Up

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