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Welcome to Kiki Blah-Blah where Sareta (mother of three) shares her humorous vlogs and blogs, and Mayita (mother of one) shares tales of baby-wearing and home-educating her little one. Lizzy shares her anecdotes as a single lady whilst dreaming of being a wife and mummy (she’s still far too young though of course!) Michelle (mother of two) is the gluten-free, healthy-recipes-for-all-the-family queen. And last but not least Hayley, (mother of one) she’s an awesome cook AND wine connoisseur. She plans to share a range of recipes that you can replicate and either devour alone or share with friends and family.

Grab a coffee and have a read – our posts are light hearted, at times informative, and always entertaining. Add your two pence and leave a comment; the team love feedback.

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Kids: THREE LITTLE MEN! Age 1, 6 & 9.

What type of Parent are you: Fun, fair and straight talking!

What are your posts about: My life with my kiddies. A lot of Blah-Blahing, activities and Facebooking.

Guilty pleasure: Wine, naps & Kimye.

If you had a million, billion, squillion pounds, what would you do with it: Convert a warehouse into a home, build a moat and have a BBQ. I’d also get my brows done, I need that semi – permanent ish done :/

How can we stalk you: Instagram – @Maleficentsmum
Facebook – www.facebook.com/eatraw2score


Kids: 0

What type of parent do you think you’ll be: I hope to be an amazing parent/person and inspire my children to be greater than me.

What are your posts about: Healthy smoothie recipes & my experiences in life!

Guilty pleasure: Food!

If you had a million, billion, squillion pounds, what would you do with it: Travel, own a property empire, do great things for people & dine at every great restaurant around the world.

How can we stalk you: Instagram – @_eliee


Kids: 1 Girl (9 months).

What type of parent are you: Surprisingly, pretty chilled. I have eschewed cleaning for cuddles and visits to the park.

What are your posts about: Some parenting based posts, though I’m new at this so they’ll mostly be ‘What the hecks?!’ and ‘How come no one tells you this stuff?!’ kinda posts. Lots of delicious recipes: homemade and hearty. Tips on bulk cooking and cooking ahead of time.

Guilty pleasure: Napping; watching Catfish and singing along (very loudly) to Musicals in my kitchen.

If you had a million, billion, squillion pounds, what would you do with it: Treat family and friends to mortgages paid off etc. & have an epic, luxury holiday. I’d do what I could to help  tackle homelessness and domestic violence. Home should be a safe, happy place & everyone should have a roof over their head. I’d also totally buy an Aston Martin, and move to the Suffolk countryside where I’d start a cookery school.

How can we stalk you: Facebook- Cook Eat Happy
Twitter- @CookEatHappy
Instagram- @CookEatHappy


Kids: 1 Girl (age 9) & 1 Boy (7 months).

What type of parent are you: I’m a fun loving & caring mama trying to teach my children how to be independent & to be healthy (when I put this question to rhea-hope she said funny, caring always cooking or baking!!).

What are your posts about: I will be posting about how to incorporate healthy eating in a hectic family life. This will include the odd baked treats that the whole family can enjoy whilst still being healthy Grinning face with smiling eyes

Guilty pleasure: Would have to be watching made in Chelsea, the husband can’t stand it but I can’t get enough. They are what Monday nights are for!!

If you had a million, billion, squillion pounds, what would you do with it: If I had a million, billion, squillion other than getting the dream home, cars, homes abroad & donating to good causes I would invest it into opening my own tea rooms full of sinful looking goods that are actually healthy.

How can we stalk you: Twitter – @healthymamaof2


Kids: A 3 year old Bear boy.

What type of parent are you: I suppose it would be an attached parent, mainly follow my instincts. If it doesn’t feel right and he’s not happy then most likely it wont happen 😉

What are your posts about: Mainly about our Home Ed journey and the fact that we’re 3 years in to our breastfeeding journey with no signs of stopping soon. With small sections of my dream of living off grid.

Guilty pleasure: At the moment fitting in as many films and books as I can with the minimal child free time I get.

If you had a million, billion, squillion pounds, what would you do with it: Build a sustainable home in the countryside and go off grid.

How can we stalk you: Instagram – @Bearslife4me. Blog – BubbaBearNMe (can you tell my life revolves around my child 😉

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