Hi guys it’s Lizzy here! I’ve just discovered the “blah –  blah” section and thought it would be the perfect place to share a story with you all about a situation I encountered this week!

Like a true Londoner I take the tube every morning during rush hour to get to work, where getting a seat makes me as happy as receiving free food. I’ve mastered the skill of getting a seat too – being at the end of the line I wait on the second train platform and I also position myself right where the doors are going to stop. Yes this is what my life has become.

Anyway one morning this week I had gotten a seat and was quite into a Metro article about Jamelia being accused of fat shaming only to be disturbed by someone pointing a finger in my face and asking me to get up so they could sit down.

Naturally I got up straight away without paying much attention, and then I realised that she was pregnant. Fair enough then.

However is it really fair enough? Yes she had a baby on board badge and I definitely would have given her my seat had she waited to be offered – but that’s the thing, she didn’t wait. She demanded.

My mannerisms are influenced heavily by the British culture of being overly polite so forgive me for saying this – should she have the right to demand a seat for herself? I may have a not-so-obvious impairment that that she wouldn’t know about. Does she have the right to judge my ability to stand against hers?


Being childless myself I don’t know how it feels to be pregnant but surely waiting a few seconds for someone to offer you a seat as they cast their eyes upon the “baby on board” badge isn’t too much of a strain.

I would like to know your thoughts! Is it okay for people in need to demand a seat on the tube before waiting for offers? Am I being too fussy?

Lizzie 🙂

Lizzy shares her lifestyle and opinions whilst travelling around the world.
Not only is she a young, career-focused professional, she’s a Starbucks and Zara enthusiast.
She’d like to settle down and have kids, but all in good time.

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