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Chichia is a beautiful London-based clothing range created by designer Christine Mhando. The label came from her childhood nickname, which has now graced the pages of Italian Vogue and is available in worldwide independent boutiques and online.

The Chichia ready to wear range is an amalgamation of both continents and cultures from which the designer was born and raised. The label’s signature transpires from the artful application of the “Khanga”, a traditional east African cotton printed fabric used by local women as wraps.

Chichia’s range is both exquisite and modern; a novice African print lover like myself is in complete admiration of the collection. Beautiful bold colours, professional cuts and sublime fabrics means that the clothes go beyond the high street price tag, however the difference between purchasing clothing from an independent designer and mass-produced high street garments is justified: high-end clothing is an investment, something that cannot be replicated in a sweat shop, something that should remain in your possession for years to come.

As you can probably tell I absolutely love these creations. If I won the Lotto tomorrow I’d have every piece in my wardrobe, but until then I will just treat myself when it comes to wedding season, and for that I will part with some pretty pennies to justify not paying off my credit card. *Cry. But in all seriousness, when I’m financially stable, my kids are a bit older and I’m a home owner, I won’t think twice about paying for such amazing additions to my (walk-in) wardrobe. The thought of waving goodbye to my H&M black leggings and t-shirts is an imminent fashion goal.

Prices range from £22-£340. See more at CHiCHiA

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