Caviar Illumination day and night cream

Caviar Illumination day and night cream

Aldi had the beauty trends flipping with the launch of their ‘Caviar‘ range back in 2015. Fast forward to 2018 and their Caviar Illumination face creams are apart of Aldi’s beauty range.

Only available on ‘special buys‘, people were scraping the shelves for these magic products containing ‘wonder’ ingredients Caviar and Snow algae, promising that our skin would appear plumped and full of youthful glow.

In my local, Caviar Illumination face-creams are conveniently plonked alongside the nappies, rusks and baby formula. A stark reminder once you become a mother, sometimes you neglect yourself, and any hydration for the skin is welcomed wholeheartedly. Even if it is from a jar.

But Caviar? That’s fish eggs, right? Snow algae? I don’t even have a clue how or where that comes from. What benefits will they bring to my skin?

According to the scientific jargon, Snow algae is usually found in cold mountainous areas and has the adaptability to stark contrasts in temperatures. It also has restorative qualities and the capability to improve moisture retention, prolonging skin’s memory of youth and minimising the appearance of wrinkles, all in the midst of our ever-changing weather.

Caviar Illumination
Caviar Illumination

As for Caviar?

Like our skin, packed with protein, caviar has the magic touch of helping to replenish skin tissues, improving its elasticity, preventing dullness of the skin and improving the overall texture of your gorgeous face.

The packaging for this budget skincare range is lush. The day cream comes in this almost space-age-like jar, which screams luxe and is somewhat ill-placed alongside your toddler’s butt-wipes for 50 pence.

The Caviar Illumination day cream smells great. However, it might be a tad too potent for my liking, but it isn’t off-putting, and its added SPF is brilliant. Spring should be arriving anytime soon, so it’s perfect timing. It’s also great for using on the décolletage (ooh err!) Since hitting my 30’s, I’ve actually noticed a massive change in my skin here.

The night cream works wonders, I wake up with a pleasant feel to my skin, it absorbs well and isn’t greasy in the slightest. The daytime cream I do find tacky, a trait which most higher SPF creams seem to have; personally, I find this great when it comes to makeup application as a tacky surface makes an excellent base for foundation to lay upon, and it does lay down well on this cream. Believe me, I’ve tested.

It’s a pretty bostin’ cream for its price, its impressive and rather expensive sounding ingredients perform well and anyone looking for a pick me up during the average weekly shop should totally pop a jar in.

At least you can scoff that you bought caviar this week right?

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  1. Sareta

    Ooooh! Ok, I actually do need a new face cream, and the main thing that puts me off is the price. Since you’ve said that the price is affordable, I’ll defo take a look give these a try x

    • Zara

      It’s insanely affordable! Each under £5!

  2. Caroline

    Great post! I recently read a review of Aldi’s face products, the name leaves me, but they sounded fab! My Aldi is quite small, but I think I may have to have a little visit, or even go further afield (by 15mins) to try a bigger one. 👍


    • Zara

      Keep an eye out! Mine usually stock things on a random tangent and it’s like hunting for treasure, but they definitely are missed out a lot with some great skin care products!


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