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Cashew, Kiwi & Banana Smoothie

Cashew, Kiwi & Banana Smoothie

Follow my new healthy eating plan, mainly raw fruit, veg and salad. 80% Raw natural foods either in their natural state or juiced blended. Accompanied by a small portion of whatever I’ve cooked for the family at lunch and dinner time.

I’ve joined the gym- boo hiss blah! So this creation was a great pre- workout protein packed smoothie. It’s not too heavy and doesn’t leave you bloated, which is what I find with some protein shakes that I’ve tried in the passed. As I’m trying to stock up on fruits, veg and raw foods in general, I basically wanted to try out some natural versions of “gym like” shakes. It did the trick and tasted great so I can’t complain… well, I can, because I hate working out so I’m sure I’ll be sharing my work out inspired Blah-Blah rant soon enough…


  • 10 Cashew Nuts
  • 1 Kiwi Fruit
  • 1 Banana
  • Slice of Lemon
  • 200ml Coconut Milk


Blend and enjoy! If adding to a bowl, try chopping up


Ingredients benefits:

Kiki Fruit- Contains almost 20 vital nutrients, including five times the vitamin C of an orange in one serving! It’s also rich in vitamin A, K, E and B, potassium, copper, folate, and fiber.

Cashew Nuts- Contains healthy monounsaturated fat that promotes good cardiovascular health, because monounsaturated fats reduce high triglyceride levels which are associated with increased risk for heart disease. Magnesium works with calcium to support healthy muscles and bones in the body.

Banana- Bananas have a unique mix of vitamins, minerals, and low glycemic carbohydrates which has made them a favourite amongst gym goers and athletes. Bananas aid digestion and maintains normal blood pressure and heart function.

Coconut Milk- Coconuts are rich in fibre, vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5 and B6 and minerals including iron, selenium, sodium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous.

Lemon- Lemon juice is rich in Vitamin C and helps the body to absorb calcium and fight osteoporosis.


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