My C-Section; A Kiki Blah-Blah collaborative- Birth Stories

My C-Section; A Kiki Blah-Blah collaborative- Birth Stories

As it’s C-Section Awareness Month, Jude thought we should get together and share our Caesarean Section birth stories. We all love a throw backstory, so why not.

There’s a strange misconception that a lot of expectant mothers have C-sections because they’re ‘Too posh to push’ or after doing so, that their birth didn’t really count. Either way, I say mind your own damn business and let mothers be mothers. Let’s put a stop to birth shaming!

There are lots of reasons why C-sections are performed around the world, and Jude, Zara and I share ours below.



Jude’s Story  
C-Section Birth Story
C-Section Birth Story

I never planned for a C-section. I didn’t even consider it or read that chapter in the baby book I studied religiously.

I had a reasonably smooth pregnancy; the baby was engaged, all was well. Then, my due date came and went, movement reduced, a sweep failed, and I was induced. I didn’t dilate even one cm despite endless hours of agony and pain.

An epidural helped. But, then, baby’s heart rate was dropping. So, with a lot of drugs in my system, I signed some paperwork to consent to a C-section. With Elton John’s ‘Your Song’ playing in the background, I went into theatre. 20 minutes later, TJ was born.

I remember a nurse saying “this is your baby” before rushing him off to get checked with TJ’s dad in hot pursuit. I stayed still, getting stitched up, which felt like washing up was being done in my tummy. It didn’t hurt, it just felt odd.

I don’t remember TJ being brought to me or the moment we met and that hurts more than the surgery ever could.

My recovery was rough – emergency ones tend to be and I found out the hard way. It took six months and a few ultrasounds to check healing before I felt back to normal down there. I was swollen for a long time. But, of course, it was all absolutely worth it.

If anything, the shock of going through all that when I had expected simple labour, made me bond with TJ even more and almost immediately.

If I have more children, I would love to try for a VBAC. I want to know what that is like. But, maybe I won’t. Maybe an elective C-section would be the right choice.

Whatever you decide is what’s right for you – home birth, drugs, water birth – anything. Just bring your baby into the world safely, and you’ve done an incredible job. – Jude


Zara’s Story  
C-Section Birth Story
C-Section Birth Story

“I think it’s best that we book you in for a C-section” the doctor chimed.

I desperately yearned for a VBAC; however, in hindsight, this was the best outcome for me and my second born, my little ‘Bunny’.

My diabetes had spiralled out of control rapidly. Bunny was expected to suffer a possible hypoglycemic attack upon arrival and of course, this kept me in a state of constant panic, but the midwives and doctors managed to keep us both safe.

My ‘scheduled emergency’ C-section allowed me to experience something I believed I would miss out on not having a natural birth.

The relaxed pace allowed me to see my daughter lifted above me, hearing gasps at the vast amount of hair she owned, not to mention her long arms just like her daddy.

And then, my unexpected moment of skin to skin immediately happened, it was something I will forever treasure.

The only negative was that I was numbed from my arms down, I guess I’m sensitive to epidurals, and that my hungry daughter managed to create her own slip and slide of spit while bobbing about on my chest frantically for her first meal!

To say that my C-section was worth those pains is true.

My second birth was magical, relaxed, perfect as it could be, and as a bonus? We both were diabetes-free afterwards.

I was in and out of the hospital in 36 hours and smiled through each wince from being on cloud 9.

The best thing was managing my scar better.

The tip of using a maternity pad on my wound to keep it dry and free from infection worked and within a week I was healed! (just be sure to change it frequently and keep it clean) it was indeed, ‘imperfectly, perfect’. – Zara


Sareta’s Story  
C-Section Birth Story

My last C-section

Three Boys, three Births, and three C-sections. You could say that three must be my lucky number. (Especially since the blog is three years old and we just won our third award).

My first birth didn’t run as smoothly as I would have liked, I was hoping for a water birth; candles, Zen vibes and all that hippy stuff. Unfortunately, a few weeks before my due date I was diagnosed with Pre-Eclampsia and I had an Emergency C-section in the end.

Baby number two decided to make an appearance on his due date, my waters broke, and we made a mad rush to the hospital. Up until that point, the plan was to give birth naturally. The advice given to us by professionals was to have a VBAC birth. That’s a vaginal birth after delivery for those who have no idea what that stood for.

Apparently, lots of women have gone on to have natural births following a Caesarean section. In my case, no such luck.

After discussing my previous pregnancy and birth at length to the hospital consultant, it would be C-section number two.

My eldest was born with an infection called Group B Strep. A bacterium, (Streptococcal bacteria), which is passed on from mother to child during delivery. In particular through a vaginal birth or waters. Since mine had broken, therefore, there was an increased risk of passing that infection on to the baby.

So, onto the third and (most probably) final birth…

An elective C-section.

We were booked into hospital four days before his due date. Out of all my deliveries, I can honestly say that this one ran the smoothest.

‘Zigs’ arrived to the sound of the Queen B herself, Beyoncé. I was able to make a playlist that would be played during his birth, unexpectedly to the Doctors and Nurses, I forwent the whale noises and had and a mix of Beyoncé and Rudamental playing during surgery. Everyone in the room was appreciative.

I knew what to expect, the dreaded Epidural needle; this time it didn’t take so long to find the right spot.

The washing up in your tummy sensation when the surgeon is elbow deep in your stomach, and nausea that sometimes comes with being awake for an operation. Yeah, I threw up.

But, it was worth it. Three babies delivered by the NHS that wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the advances of modern day medicine.

I salute any woman that has undergone a Caesarean section. Although not a traditional form of birth, it’s still a proud moment that is worthy enough of a share. – Sareta

Sareta Fontaine is the founder of Kiki Blah-Blah; an award-winning site which highlights & shares modern motherhood. Since 2016, Sareta has worked on the platform, both designing and creating a space for other bloggers to share their thoughts and feelings, while also sharing hers. You’ll find everything from food, parenting, travel, beauty, relationships, fashion and so much more.


  1. Hayley

    You lot are my heroines ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Sabena Mendivil

    Thanks for clearing this stupid misconception. I’ve had to spend 5yrs explaining my deliveries to other ‘natural birth’ mums but I’m so confused as to why had too? My deliveries were not my choice but professionals who knew what was best. 5 yrs later, I have a battle scar and 2 gorgeous girls to match.


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