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Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water

Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water

“Now, come on now…this stuff is water? In a bottle? For my FACE? Do I really need spend money on water for my face now?!” Huh apparently it seems so!

The latest beauty trend, especially if you concrete your face in about 10 layers of make-up – or should that be cake up? (With added frosting of course, get me some sugar baby) is to be using this…’Micellar’ water because it supposedly has ‘magical bubble wotsits*’ within it that magically clean your face better than the standard fare that my tap has to offer.

Now you’re going to get to know this now – if I can find it cheap, I’ll find it CHEAP…somewhat anyway – so after much a browsing I came across Boots own offering of their ‘Simply sensitive’ range sitting at a pretty decent £1.99 for 200ml (prices correct as of 03/02/2017)

So with smug mode enabled, I ambled up to the counter and then sheepishly (damn it) asked to use my Boots advantage points to purchase the said glorified hallowed water, Thank Christmas for all them points eh?

Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water
Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water

Then I ventured forth, awaiting what amazing powers this damned water would bestow against this face…this oh so caked up face. That always needs a good scrub.

So the deets – firstly, it doesn’t pong of chemicals. There is a scent evident, but I assume this is down to the aloe vera content. It would have been nice if the product had a flip lid as opposed to a screw lid but hey ho, it was cheap! I began sloshing it onto a cotton wool pad with gusto – I’m literally used to using baby wipes on my face and nothing more – come on now mama’s admit it GUILTY AS CHARGED! – So I knew I needed this pad to be saturated well enough to smear off the first layer of my artwork…Face wise? It did OK, using 3 pads in totality for my entire face to result in a clean pad. But I hated how my skin felt afterwards!

I felt greasy… like I had worked a 10 hour shift in Beales Plaice (doof doof doof d-d-d-d-d-doof) entirely consisting of my head being in the fat fryer, and found it even worse when I dared to apply my usual skincare to my face. It just slid everywhere, so trusted baby wipe at the ready I began trying to tackle my now brylcreamed like face. And funnily enough it hadn’t removed ANY of my mascara! (And no, it wasn’t waterproof!)

Cue huffs and puffs and a husband eye rolling at his wife who had seemingly turned into a dinosaur in a matter of seconds…oops sorry love…

Whilst this stuff didn’t irritate my skin – my type being mostly dry and sensitive – I seriously didn’t rate the greasy feel I was left with and less than impressed that I assumed my eye make-up was all off when in fact it wasn’t.

Maybe it was this particular Micellar water but I can’t say that my first experience with this stuff was grand by all accounts. I don’t think my face wants the occupation ‘Slip ‘n’ slide’ so err… hand the little angels baby wipes will ya bab?

*Probably not the scientific guff the boffins use but ya know…stuff.

Ta rah a bit beauts!




Boots Simply Sensitive Gentle Micellar Water

Zara loves all things make up and beauty. When she’s not drooling over makeup stalls and things that she cannot afford, she’s usually slummy mummy-ing around with her two kids (and her big kid husband). She also spends her days abusing most Snapchat filters, admittedly much more than any person humanly should… oh dear!


  1. Sareta

    I guess this is aimed at people with really sensitive skin, maybe those who don’t wear makeup?

    • ZaraLouU

      I can’t say I’m sure. The only thing I know is it’s definitely a cleanser and it’s for sensitive skin types, and I assumed it would indeed shift ‘cake up’ off my mush! Maybe I need more of the original ‘cleanse tone moisturise’ treatments, but for my skin which is sensitive and suffers dry patches I just felt some form of oil ‘sit’ in them and it was icky! Ewwwww!
      That being said if it isn’t being used in industrial sized quantities (like myself) it may work better as a mildly-used-run-over-the-face-jobby

      It’s £2 it’s worth a punt in my opinion!

  2. Becky

    “(doof doof doof d-d-d-d-d-doof)” LOOOOOOOOOOOL! I always wondered how to write that.. X


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