Bing Live! – That’s The Bunny To You And Me!

Bing Live! – That’s The Bunny To You And Me!

Recently, my family and I went to see Bing Live at the St Albans Arena. After a bit of a faff with the parking (poor road signage, no fault of the venue’s) we arrived, slightly hot and flustered but were immediately calmed by the lovely staff who took the time to make us feel very welcome.

We found our seats and settled down to wait for Bing and his friends. Though I’d tried to explain to our three-year-old that we were taking her to see Bing, I’m not sure she’d entirely understood. As the lights dimmed and the curtain raised, I watched her face. There was Bing, right there on the stage! The look of enchantment and pure joy on her face was heart-warming, and something I hope to remember forever. To say she was interested is an understatement. She hung on to every movement, word and song performed by Bing and his friends and she wasn’t the only one. I found myself singing and dancing along to the songs, including the “Wiggle your bottom” dance, performed by Coco the bossy bunny, (I unashamedly enjoyed every second of this.)

The show was varied and totally relatable to the television programme. The puppets were staged by actors who had clearly invested themselves in playing the characters and I was really pleased to observe the habits and nuances of speech which make the characters who they are. This really was Bing!

Bing Live
Bing Live
Bing Live

We also brought our eight-month-old son along to the show. I had packed children’s ear protection in case it was too loud for him – but there was no need. Whilst he has no idea who Bing and his friends are, he clapped and giggled throughout the show, another total joy for his Dad and I to see. The show was perfectly tailored for children of all ages, and even included an interval in which Bing encouraged us all to go and catch the toilet train (“Choo-Choo!”)

Once the show was finished, we giggled and danced our way back to the foyer. Here my daughter excitedly talked about “Bing and Sula and Ama and Coco and Pando and FLOP!” and insisted on posing in front of all of the character cardboard cut-outs. We ate Bing-themed cupcakes and star shaped sandwiches and talked more about the show. She was very reluctant to leave the theatre and kept asking to come back next week to see Bing. I’m yet to think of a good answer to this, so answers on a postcard, please!

Bing Live is touring, so if you are looking for an easy going, entertaining show for young children, I’d recommend it. No one will tut or hiss at you if your child starts chatting or shouting because there are a hundred other kids in there doing the same. We made some lovely memories and hope to catch Bing and his friends again as I’m not sure how much longer I can get away with keep telling my daughter that Bing is on holiday, or off visiting his family…


“Perfect for preschoolers as their first theatre show and is suitable for Bingsters of all ages!” – Bing Live!

 Tickets start from £18.50, and you can catch Bing and Friends in shows across the country (UK folks).

*Tickets were gifted in return for a review, however, all thoughts and opinions are my own*

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