Barry M Molten Metal – ‘Holographic Lights’

Barry M Molten Metal – ‘Holographic Lights’

SOMEWHERE OVER THE RAIIIIINBOWWWWW – oh wait, nope it’s just my nails”

Well, hello hello helloooo!

It’s me, dropping in for another monthly dose of something you can slap on your face or body or hair, or whateverrrr. This time, it’s nails baby 😉

So, myself I’ve been on a little hashtag natural nail journey, growing my nails long and strong to the point where you literally can’t pick your nose anymore – and they were going really well… Until my son threw back the daughter’s buggy with my hand attached aaaaaaand snapped my nails.

Yeah you could say I walked home with a face like Mrs. Trunchbull after chewing a bee that afternoon (Yes, that’s quite the description…I’m good with that kinda stuff, trust me) and thus currently I now have stubby nails which I’ll proceed to grow long again.

In the meantime, I had become addicted – no word of a lie – to seeing a Mutha Flapping RAINBOW atop nails so if you’re like me – an insane Instagram addict, following beauty pages and having similar posts crop up on your explore feed, you’ll know only too well that holographic nails are a thing. They’re also usually something you see glimmering from the likes of Toni’s nails or Electanailart feeds as a holographic powder only used in salons – until now

Behold, the beauty that is the Barry M ‘Molten metals’ Nail paint collection – the shade in particular you should be messing with for rainbows? ‘Holographic lights’ – the molten metals collection features an array of shades with a really fine shimmer that creates an almost mirror like finish. I say almost because YES it’s shiny, but don’t go expecting to apply your make up in your nails (If you wanted to do that you’d want this) handy idea for us moms though, no.

Barry M Molten Metal
Barry M Molten Metal

What I guess I should say is that it’s not a chunky 90’s glitter polish. Remember those ones you ended up using as a top coat as a teen? The ones you’d layer and layer because each layer only placed one flake of glitter on the nail and eventually you’d end up with 5 coats that would refuse to dry and then end in the scenario that follows:

Crap I need to pee

*Pulls trousers down, smears manicure, day is ruined, life is in pieces*


Well this is a vast improvement. On its own it does apply sheer – 3 coats provide enough mermaid fin power, it dries rather quick and the shimmer is beautiful. However if you want to unlock the true beauty of this polish whack it on top of a dark base coat or a silver base – POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER with them shimmers and shines (No not your child’s current fave program, move over twin genies – let me just Boomsaharamay myself) Honestly I’m mesmerised by my – then *sob* – pretty claws!

The sweetest part of this deal is – It firstly doesn’t include needing gel nails, secondly nor does it include needing acrylic nails, thirdly it doesn’t involve ANY salon at all – so no smells, no headaches, no paying through the nostrils for a mani because

IT’S £3.99

For – Realz. LEGIT.

It’s available from anywhere that sells Barry M, so swing into that Superdrug or Boots and nab a few bottles of this stuff, especially now with Autumn and Winter raising their party filled heads they’re sure to get people talking, and like hello, why wouldn’t they want to be talking about you?


See you soon!


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  1. Sareta

    Hold up, I thought I commented on this? GUUUUURLL, you know I love a bit of shimmer and shine! This polish is beautiful… right up my street! x


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