Find out what made this BADgal BANG!

Find out what made this BADgal BANG!

Benefit is promising me loads right now. Lifted, lengthened, dramatic lashes with 36-hour full blast volume all wrapped up in an awesome name: BADgal BANG!

Ok, come at me BADgal BANG! Mascara, come at me.I usually kill for a decent mascara because I haven’t got time to try and stick on false lashes and I’m too poor for extensions, boo hiss. So whenever a hyped up mascara comes my way I jump on board hoping it will be the saviour to my fawn coloured, short, stubby and lack of curl holding lashes.

BADgal BANG from Benefit promises massive volume without weighing the lashes down. It boasts owning a ‘gravity-defying’ formula with ‘aero particles’ contained within, derived from space technology. Wait … am I about to see stars with this thing? It also has what is dubbed a ‘custom big slimpact’ brush, enabling the mascara to reach from root to tip to the very edges of our eyes for those lil lashes too.

However, the wand isn’t anything major, just a plastic brush – which I personally loathe, covered with fine bristles which appear to look like they’d separate well. The brush head itself is very flexible, a little too flexible. So much so that when you apply the mascara, it bends ever so slightly preventing the bristles from separating my lashes leaving them looking like clumpy spider-legs.

BADgal Bang

The colour of the mascara is good.

It’s intense and as deep as you’d want a mascara to be. But my lashes just wouldn’t play fair. I wiped any excess off the Spoolie makeup brush and went in a second time hoping I’d get separation, but nope!

My spider lashes tingled…the jig was up.

Towards the end of the day, my lashes felt a little weighed down and the mascara itself dry and almost crumbly to the touch. The worst part, however, was removing it! The whole ‘smudge-proof, water-resistant’ formula is one thing that you can say stays true to its word. Also, the water resistance, in my opinion, contributes to its dry nature. You could entirely believe you’ve taken this stuff off and awaken looking like a member of KISS come the morning. IT INFURIATINGLY DOES NOT MOVE.

Our wonderful friend and fellow Kiki blogger Hayley also road tested BADgal BANG! and got quite an impressive lash lift and length result. But, she has rather nice lashes, so this is the part where I foam at the mouth and curse at myself incessantly.

Overall, I think BADgal BANG! promises a lot, but for me, it didn’t produce the ideal results. While more suited to those with long and wispy lashes, people with shorter finer ones may find it a waste of money and effort. Sitting at £21.50 it’s quite expensive, especially when I compare it to my current favourite mascara which costs £2.80

My search for the most beautiful lashes remains an active quest… damn it!


BAD gal BANG! Is available in Boots stores now

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  1. Hayley

    Sorry you didn’t get the on with this. I liked the colour intensity and lift but completely agree with the spoolie wand & next morning Kiss-effect. Not a good look! I didn’t realise it was so pricey (I used a sample size), I don’t think it rocked my world enough to splash out. Shame.

    • Zara

      Totally over- priced for what it is! I’ll add my mom recently used it too and she ended up having an allergic reaction! It’s so overtly drying and I think that’s the major issue

  2. Gem

    I have short lashes too:( I would love to know what your current fave is!

    • Zara

      Short lashes are a bane in my life!!
      Hehe maybe I should blog it, but here’s a hint:

      You’ll find this brand in Wilkinson stores only!


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