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There’s nothing that concerns my husband more so than peering over my shoulder to find me looking at the Babywearing For Sale or Trade groups. These groups have become my friend, my enemy, my lover, and my guilty pleasure all at the same time over the last 3 years and all because of this.


new-imageA long piece of material that can range anywhere between 2 metres and 6 metres (and sometimes longer) that you wrap around you to enable you to carry your baby safely and hands-free.

When I found out I was pregnant one of the first things we thought about getting was a pushchair, it never occurred to me that there were alternative modes of transport. I had come across the Baby Bjorn type carriers but always thought they looked uncomfortable and would therefore only be suitable for short journeys or even just wearing around the house So thanks to grandparents finding us a bargain pushchair we bundled the newborn Bear into the pram and that was that.

We had been given a stretchy wrap before the Bear had been born but my husband and I felt so daunted by the length that we used it a few times but, despite it being incredibly comfortable, would end up going for the pram out of convenience. It wasn’t until a friend visited a few months later and told me about her experiences of ‘wrapping’ and the FSOT group that she had joined that I started to look into this form of carrying your child a little more closely and thus my love affair began.

2It wasn’t until I started looking into buying one that I realised how much of a ‘movement’ baby wearing, or slinging, has become. Closely linked with Mummas and papas who practise attachment parenting, it has become a huge industry producing slings that can cost up to £1000!!!!!!!!

Don’t get me wrong, I realise that wearing your baby isn’t a new thing women across the globe have been carrying there babies on their fronts and backs for centuries, using anything from a blanket to a basket but for me this was a whole new world just waiting to be explored, and by gum if I wasn’t going to have fun doing it!!


My Love affair, Babywearing.


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