Kiki noun. Definition: An assembly or meeting, especially one held for the specific purpose of gossiping or chit-chat. "Let's have a kiki!"

Small Talk – The Parent Trap ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Small Talk – The Parent Trap ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

Two tiny words with one million connotations. This phrase could bring on a case of the sweats for even the chattiest of people โ€“ and I include myself in this.

Specifically, I am talking about small talk at venues like soft play. Soft play is torture enough but it usually also comes with a side order of awkward conversation with people you will never see again. This can be exchanging words with fellow parents about their offspring who may or may not have just hit your child. Or, it can also mean chat with small people (yes, Carter, I do know itโ€™s your birthday next week, thank you for telling me, a random stranger, yet again).

Other parents โ€“ you know what I am talking about yes? I do hope that this isnโ€™t just me who dreads this not-so-social occasion because I didnโ€™t see it coming. I love a good chin wag and I wanted to make mum friends โ€“ I even forked out a few hundred quid to buy (I mean meet) new parents through NCT classes just so I had these people to swap stories with. But, itโ€™s time to be honest. Itโ€™s all rather mind-numbingly boring isnโ€™t it?

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  1. Sareta

    I hate this kind of stuff, small talk is just the most evil things ever. I avoid it at all costs, best way I find are headphones. Even if you’re not listening to anything. You can sit on a bus, train or even standing at the school gates… no one will bother you! .

  2. ZaraLouU

    Oh my god yes I know how you feel!
    It’s an awkward thing really, because once holed up with a baby/toddler that either can’t or us burgeoning in communication, we as adults CRAVE interaction. Annnnnnd then we get talk about said kids and it’s like ‘oh come on give me some mental food please!’
    I’ll be honest I’m one of those people who will chat to anyone, I make small talk but I enjoy talking about things that interest them, not just the kids – that being said sometimes I find myself not wanting to talk at all and will hover around my child like a police helicopter lol.

    All in all, adulting is hard enough… and parenting is harder lol!


  3. Becky

    OMG, I’m the worst. I literally avoid socials and turn the other way if I see a mum I know in town!! I’m cool with being a hermit though…;-)

  4. Lizzy

    As an introvert I really really hate small talk.. I feel your pain! I wish it was like the movies where you had a really cool mums club and you were all besties and you got to talk about fun stuff AND kids stuff.. well I’m hoping that will be my future anyway!

  5. Tamu


    I HATE small talk and will do the most to avoid it and who the hell invented ‘soft play’ I miss the good old days of letting children run riot in the park, hurt themselves, run home to get a plaster and run straight back out again. This post did make me chuckle!! Thanks


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