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Fred & Noah

Fred & Noah

I love it when I find quirky little boutiques, whether it’s online or on the high street. This gem came up on Etsy when I was looking for kidswear for my not-so-little ones and thought Ziggy would definitely do with a pair of boys unisex leggings.

Fred & Noah “Beautifully handmade children’s wear and accessories”.

UK based Fred & Noah stock organic fabrics, leather moccasins, ‘colour me in’ customisable t-shirts and pretty prints. There are so many modern designs, you’ll easily find something suitable for the fashion conscious parent or child. Everything is handmade or made to order, so I assume you won’t bump into anyone with the exact same garment or accessory.

I’ve grumbled so many times that high street kidswear stores do not provide a wide range of clothing and accessories for kids – well, boys in particular. Almost always there are racks upon racks of girls clothes and boys are are tucked away in a dingy corner. Quite irritating really, I’m all for dressing girls in pink if you want to, but surely gender specific clothing goes out the window when it’s freezing and you want to find boys tights? Boys tights in under trousers… yes please, leggings with socks, uh-huh, let’s shop! I absolutely adore Fred & Noah’s leggings and matching dribble bibs, I only wish I found these when Ziggy was going through that dribbly stage, although saying that, I have put in an order for the Wolf leggings which will apparently be delivered in 1-2 weeks as they are made to order. AWESOME.

Prices range from £7-£25 BARGAIN! See more at Fred and Noah

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