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In A Dino Daze

In A Dino Daze

“In a Dino Daze” Dinosaurs have made a comeback this Spring (2017), Girls, Boys, Unisex clothing- however you want to look at it, the High Street has got it!

Dinosaurs don’t really get old, get it? We’ve seen the resurrection of the Jurassic Park collection with Jurassic World and our sources say there’s a brand new film in the making…shh, it’s all very hush-hush. Brands are getting it right when it comes to dino-prints – this year sees more stores and online retailers being more inclusive. Dinosaurs in all varieties of colours and fabrics, along with sequins and accessories. Girls like dinosaurs too, and so do adults…



Dino Printed T- shirt | H&M | £5.99


Ziggy’s H&M dino T-shirt is teamed with navy leggings which were found in the “girls department” of H&M (£2.99). Leggings are comfortable, inexpensive and come in a whole range of colours. They are the perfect styling choice for a busy and energetic three-year-old. Remember to browse in all sections, clothing is meant to be comfortable, fun and long-wearing when it comes to little ones.

“Labels, such as sex and size don’t matter, wear what fits” ❤️ – Sareta

Take a look at these brilliant dino finds, wonderfully designed for dinosaur-loving kids and adults.


Grey Sequin Dinosaur Crew Top | NEXT | £6.50-£8


Dinosaur T-shirt | hpstrbb (Etsy) | £16+


3-pack pin brooches | H&M | £5.99


*Items and prices are correct at time of publishing.
**This was not a Sponsored post, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


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  1. Veronica

    I loved Jurassic Park , Dinosaurs will stay cool! And I do agree I also shop in both Girl/Boy sections for my daughter. I don’t put her in the skimpy stuff you usually find in the girls section when it’s summer time! Lol

    • Sareta

      Aw, I think more people are inclined to shop for girls in the boys section, I’m really a firm believer in wearing what fits and suits its purpose. Little kids are jumping all over the place and sometimes Jeans or even joggers can be so restrictive. Dinos FOREVER!!!! x

  2. JL

    My Kids are obsesssssed with dinos- wallpaper, bed covers, toys, clothes…glad to know I’m not alone!!

    • Sareta

      If I’m honest, I’m a bit obsessed too!


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