Kiki noun. Definition: An assembly or meeting, especially one held for the specific purpose of gossiping or chit-chat. "Let's have a kiki!"


These articles have been written by authors who wish to remain anonymous, whether to vent about something that is a well-kept secret, to talk about something that may not be considered ‘PC’, or to simply have a voice where having a voice is normally too scary.

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The Anonymous ones…

Do I need to have children?

No children at 26, but I’m at my fertile peak right? Well if that’s true, now is as good as it’s gonna get for me and my eggies! Can you relate?…

What I Really Spend Child Support On

“Since we split I’ve been on countless holidays and I’ve moved out of our two bedroom flat and into a four bedroom town house. I think I’m doing ok…”

Do I have to be happy all the time?

Do you question your happiness sometimes kicking yourself for not being that positive? Can you be happy ALL of the time? Can you be too happy? We need answers…