Kiki noun. Definition: An assembly or meeting, especially one held for the specific purpose of gossiping or chit-chat. "Let's have a kiki!"

About Kiki Blah-Blah…
Sareta Kiki Blah-Blah

Kiki Blah-Blah is a fun, quirky and unique blog founded by mum-of-three, Sareta Fontaine.

This platform was originally aimed at mums, however, over time, the team has grown and our readership has widened.
Kiki Blah-Blah is powered by a team of six bloggers who specialise in their own areas of modern lifestyle. We cover everything from food, parenting, travel, beauty, relationships and women’s issues.
Winner- The Next Best Thing 2017 | 30 Plus Awards
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A little bit more…
Sareta Kiki Blah-Blah
We allow contributions from guests, including writers who may wish to remain anonymous.
The Kiki team recognise how beneficial it can be to put your thoughts into the written word, but not everyone wants that to come up with a Google search.
Guest bloggers can contact us and ask to use the site as a platform to vent their emotions, share their stories and hopefully connect with other people who may be going through a similar experience. We embrace everyone’s backgrounds, everyone’s beliefs and everyone’s behaviour to show the power in the collective of women with bags of personality.

Content is shared on the website as well as in daily or very regular updates on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram which amasses nearly 13,000 followers.

Our style is fresh, fun, vibrant and ultimately relatable. We may use social media but we remove the metaphorical filters.

Enquiries contact Sareta-
Please note that we are U.K Based 🇬🇧

Recent posts…

Find out what made this BADgal BANG!

Zara’s got a new hairdo, what better way to show it off than in a bloomin’ new blog post. Fancy a bit of a Badgal Bang!? We do, check it out… (psst, that’s a mascara by Benefit if you were wondering).

Sweet and Sour Nutty Prawns with Liberation #FairTrade

After learning about Liberation I thought what better way to share their positive work ethics than to share it over food. Liberat!on – Nuts about Fair Trade. Let me drop some knowledge and a recipe in one go. #FairTrade

Mum guilt, it exists and hits you right in the feels.

Apparently, mums who feel guilty and exhausted are the ones who are amazing parents. I feel both of those emotions pretty regularly and, although I think I’m doing OK most of the time, what if I don’t believe the latter?

Autism diagnosis, is the wait is over?

Autism, “The wait is over… or so I thought!” What goes into getting support for an Autistic child? Paperwork, tears and tantrums it seems. Take a look at Michelle’s story as she explains what happens during an Autism diagnosis.

Eindhoven to Amsterdam; A guide to travelling solo

Mum of three Sareta travelled alone for the very first time, what’s it like to be spontaneous and live in the moment? No kids, no hubby to please… what happened in Amsterdam didn’t stay in Amsterdam, take a read.